The Taste of Tenacity: How A Family Run Business Continues To Mitigate Issues In The UK’s Supply Chain

The Taste of Tenacity

How Taste Merchants, a UK Fine Food Wholesaler based in Wales, continued their 30 years of success despite lockdown challenges.

At the ports, lorries were stuck for 8 hours while they queued up to get their cargo. In the water, ships were waiting miles off shore for ports to be free for them to dock. On land, there was a longer lead time on almost all goods coming into the UK — not ideal when most UK supply chains rely on JIT, or Just In Time deliveries, which are sensitive to disruption to transport. 

As a result, large supermarkets saw empty sections in their shelves. Fuel almost ran out. Online orders took weeks or months to arrive. Everyone felt the repercussions of the pandemic and its impact on supply chains, but perhaps no one more than business owners.

Taste Merchants is one of the many companies that have been battling behind the scenes, with nearly half of their products and suppliers affected by supply chain issues. The fine food wholesaler has been in the battle since the start of the pandemic but, rather than rest on their laurels, Craig and his family-led team have had to rise to the challenge.  

Let’s start with the bad news. Taste Merchants have had a lot more products out of stock – just like everyone else. But as a business you cannot let these issues be left unaddressed. Instead, Taste Merchants took matters into their own hands and, in the past year, have had a 17% increase in new products. 

We had to source similar type products from elsewhere and proactively offered customers different products. Then to anticipate future shortages, we increased our stock holding of lines that we get the heads up are going to be in short supply.” – Craig, Taste Merchants. 

Sadly, during tough times, it is only those who adapt who survive. Taste Merchants have reacted and anticipated changes. They’ve swam against the current, and been rewarded with a 48% increase from Pre-Covid turnover as a result. Their customer base has also increased by 13%, showing that they’ve remained a strong competitor in the market despite it all. 

Alongside the changes in products and suppliers, Taste Merchants have looked after their core to keep things smooth-sailing: the staff. Free lunches, flexible working hours and pick-me-up gifts have been some of the perks that have kept Taste Merchants on top. 

What can be learnt from Taste Merchants is that when there is a universal issue affecting your entire industry, adapt as best you can and look after your staff while you do it; for the most part, their hard work – even through the toughest of times – is what helps keep the business alive. 

Despite the hurdles, Taste Merchants have stayed true to their values of being a family business who look after their own, while delivering industry-leading customer and client service across the United Kingdom 

Taste Merchants is a family-owned wholesale fine food supplier with nearly 30 years of experience, working with hundreds of trade clients across the UK. Our focus is on quality products, personal customer service and great value. We are justifiably proud of our extensive range of top-quality and fast-selling products. 

To benefit from reliable deliveries of fine food products that sell, contact us to become a customer. Or order online from our wholesale food delivery service, browse our product catalogue, or visit us in person in Wales. 

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