Things To Consider Before Booking A Ticket To A Boat Ride Party

Boat Ride Party

Attending a boat ride party is a great way to enjoy fun in a new environment while enjoying amazing views. You get to sip your favorite drink and listen to music played by the best DJs while sailing on the Mississippi River. A boat party is an affordable way to enjoy a magical and twinkling evening with ever-shifting views of New Orleans.

Here are considerations before you reserve a ticket to a boat ride party.

Boat size

The size of the boat determines the number of people to attend. Smaller boats are usually for private parties while bigger ones hold many people on board. Big boats can hold up to 700 people and have various levels. Small boats are ideal for a fun setting and more intimate experience but these are for private parties. However, you can reserve a slot on a big boat to indulge in immense partying with friends and other new people.

Amenities available

Party boats are not made the same. Keep this in mind when booking a party ride. The ideal boat should have handy amenities for a breath-taking experience. Having different levels allows not having everyone in the same sport throughout the ride. You can keep checking out the various levels and get different angles and views as the party goes on. This increases the chances of meeting new fun and interesting people who can become lifelong friends or partners.

Cost of food

Food is part of having fun. When checking out New Orleans party boat events, mind about the availability of food and cost. The chances are high that the party boat will offer delicious food whose cost is not included in the standard charge. Understanding this before getting on-board allows budgeting appropriate for your experience on the ultimate party boat ride.

Equally important is to understand the menus available. This allows understanding whether to expect a buffet or a sit-down dinner and to budget accordingly. Having one heavy meal is a great way to save while partying the night away. When having special dietary requirements, take time to check the options available on the booking website. For the All White Boat Ride Party during New Orleans Essence Music Festival expect menu items including:

  • Caesars salad
  • Shrimp pasta
  • Bread pudding
  • New Orleans chicken
  • Sausage Jambalaya
  • Chicken and sausage gumbo

Party theme

One of the most interesting ways to make a boat party fun is to have a theme. These might include ideas like pirates, Caribbean, and Halloween. You have to understand the party theme before booking a reserve to ensure that it’s right up your alley. Knowing what is expected of all party guests allows not looking out of place or getting excluded.

Dress code

Understanding the theme and dress code for the boat party is very important. Parties for special occasions require all guests to follow a strict dress code. Showing up dressed differently might lead to forfeiting your slot on the boat. So, ensure to understand the dress code for the particular party you are planning to attend when reserving a ticket.

Availability of booze

Boat parties can be cream teas, quiet dinners, music festivals, and salsa nights. You have to understand the nature of the party before booking. This allows knowing the theme and availability of booze. Equally important is to understand the options of liquor available and where to access them. The ideal boat party ride should have a handy cash bar on every level of the boat to keep everyone in a party mood.

Paying for drinks

Just like food, you have to check whether the cost of the ticket comes with an open bar. The boat should guarantee a fully-stocked bar to ensure that everyone has their favorite drinks. Additionally, the management should offer special cocktails for people who want to stand out from the crowd. Understanding the availability of drinks allows boarding the board with an appropriate budget to keep the drinks flowing.

Refund policy

The best way to guarantee attendance to a boat ride party is to reserve a ticket. Luckily, you can do this conveniently and hassle-free on an events listing website. Here, you get enough time to browse upcoming events in New Orleans and other cities. Events are listed with details including some of the considerations highlighted above.

Most important is to check the ticket refund policy. Ensure to check the ticket purchase policy including clauses regarding refunds, exchanges, and exceptions. Understanding what you are getting into before reserving your ticket to a boat partyeliminates chances of misunderstandings in the future.


Partying is a great way to wind down from stress. It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet new people who can become lifelong friends and partners. Reserving a boat ride party allows enjoying immense fun while sailing across the Mississippi River. Look forward to sipping on your favorite drink while catching moving glimpses of the New Orleans skyline.

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