Tips for Keeping Your RV Clean and Protected

Tips for Keeping Your RV Clean and Protected


If you use an RV, you know that it’s a big vehicle that takes little time to get dirty and messy. The reason is that RVs are used for long drives or trips, and people usually perform multiple functions in an RV. So sometimes it gets very hard to keep it clean and also protect it from any damages that might occur.

People believe that because RVs are smaller than houses, they will be easier to maintain. That is not the case, as you are still using it to eat, sleep, and play, and you need a plan for keeping it clean. You need to keep in mind that you made a huge investment by buying an RV, and it should be protected.

There are many RV cleaning services that you can choose from if you don’t want the hassle of cleaning it yourself. But if you want to DIY (do it yourself), then we have some amazing tips for you to help you clean your RV.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tips you will need to protect your RV and keep it clean.

Start practicing minimalism

If you have fewer things in your RV, it will be easier to clean. You don’t need to fill it with stuff that is not necessary to take along with you. You can also lose some extra dishes because they will make the cleaning part tough for you. You can also use collapsible kitchen accessories for that purpose.

The organization is the key

Whenever you have a small space to work with, you need to have good organizational skills. Even if you are not normally someone who is good at organizing things, you can still learn something that will help you organize things in your RV better than before. Utilizing cupboards, keeping things secure in cabinets, categorizing stuff, and using drawers are some of the things you can practice.

Don’t allow footwear inside the RV

This is one of the best tips you can use to keep your RV clean. Ask everyone to leave their footwear outside the RV. You can do this by placing a small carpet at the door where they can leave their shoes or sandals. You can also have foldable compartments there to hold footwear when someone takes them off. It can save you a lot of cleaning time since you won’t have to clean the whole carpet. You can just clean the small rug at the door that you are using only to place footwear.

Make cleaning a daily habit

You must make a habit of cleaning your RV on a daily basis if you want to keep it clean and safe. That will include cleaning the floors and wiping their surfaces daily. You can also buy special RV vacuum cleaners. If you have a small house, you must be doing some kind of cleaning every day; do the same with your RV.

Use a dehumidifier

High-humidity areas can often create mold in your RV, which can lead to damage. So you should have a dehumidifier to prevent mold from happening when you are traveling to areas with high humidity.

Clean your fridge

You also need to clean your fridge regularly; otherwise, it can leave a smell. This smell can spread in your small RV if you do not take care of it soon. So clean your fridge every 2 to 3 days and see if there are any spoiled leftovers that need to be thrown out.

We hope the above tips will help you keep your RV clean so you can keep enjoying long trips while staying clean and healthy.

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