Tips For Vape Tanks: How To Clean It & Change The Coil


Vaping is one of the most popular ways used to smoke marijuana, nicotine, and E-juices. People do this utilizing an e-cigarette which heats a liquid, creating a vapor that you inhale. Its mechanism involves a tank filled with vape juice, a coil that heats the juice, and a battery that provides power to the coil.  

However, maintaining the E-cigarette is essential for ensuring you keep getting maximum flavor and vapor from your pen. New vapers mostly neglect the coil and the tank, which usually ruins their vaping experience. Below are some ideas you can use to maintain your coils and tanks.

How To Clean Your Vape Tanks

Keeping your tank clean is an essential measure in maintaining the effectiveness of your e-cigarette. Over time, vape juice residue can clog the internal components of your tank, affecting the airflow. When your airflow gets reduced, the amount of vapor produced decreases. 

Why You Should Clean Your Tank

  • If you don’t clean your tank, you may get different tastes than the flavor you use. 
  • Whenever you change to a different flavor, it is essential to clean your tank before using your e-cigarette. 
  • Cleaning the old liquid from your tank is necessary since the residue accumulates, affecting your vaping experience. 
  • If your vape tank is new, it is still essential to clean it even if it looks clean.

Proper cleaning is the best way to keep your vaping experience ideal. If the coating is too much, the tank will stop functioning, and you will need to buy a new tank such as the Freemax pro vape tanks for sale, ideal for all e-cigarettes.

Cleaning the tank is very simple. The first step is unscrewing your tank from your e-cigarette and emptying it, and there are two ways you can clean your tank.

Standard Cleaning

For a standard clean, hold your tank under warm running water for a minute or two. The warm water removes any remaining juice inside it. After running warm water, use a piece of cloth or towel to dry the tank. Set the tank aside for ten minutes to ensure that the remaining moisture dries up. Before reassembling, wipe with a cotton bud to ensure no moisture is left.

Deep Cleaning

You may use Propylene Glycol (PG) for a deep tank cleaning. PG is effective because it is a  flavor carrier, and it will remove any flavor left in the tank. Ensure that you do not use any Vegetable Glycerine (VG) because it is thick, making your tank cleaning harder. You may also use vinegar or vodka to get a deep clean. To do deep cleaning, fill a bowl with your cleaning agent, soak the tank for about ten minutes, then rinse with warm water. Afterward, let the tank dry before reassembly or refill.

Vape Coils

Whenever you are vaping, electrical charges flow from the battery onto the coil. These charges heat the coil, which then heats the vape juice to produce vapor. However, in the long run, the heat passing through the coil damages it. A damaged coil will make your vaping experience terrible; thus, changing coils is essential for owning a vape pens

Replacing a damaged or worn-out coil is a crucial way of keeping your vape pen active. It not only feels bad to vape on a burnt coil, but you may also damage the vape pen. 

Here Is How To Know When Your Coil Needs Replacing

A Burnt Taste 

Whenever you feel a burning taste while vaping, it is a sign that your coil needs replacing. As soon as your vape juice starts tasting burnt instead of the flavor you are using, it’s time to change your coil. 

Less Vapor

Since the coil is responsible for heating your vape juice, it produces less vapor when it reaches the end of its lifespan. You will keep getting less vapor from your pen even if you use vape juice with the high vapor production. 

Gurgling Sound From Your Pen

Another way of knowing that your coil is burnt or damaged is a gurgling sound when you take a vape. Typically, you shouldn’t hear a gurgling sound while vaping if everything is in order. This sound is a clear indication that you need to change your coil.

After knowing that your coil is damaged, you need to know how to change it. 

How To Change Your Vape Coil

  1. First, you need to unscrew your tank. It’s the same process you take while cleaning or refilling your tank. 
  2. Empty the tank. Emptying it will ensure that no vape juice gets wasted, and you don’t get a mess from it leaking all over while changing the coil.
  3. Soak your new coils in vape juice. Soaking the coil in vape juice ensures that your new coil doesn’t burn out when you turn your device on. You need to soak your new coil for at least seven minutes.
  4. Unscrew your old coil with a paper towel and then screw in the new coil. 
  5. Refill the tank and screw it back to the pen.


Maintaining a vape pen is essential to all vapers as you will get a great vaping experience. The above methods will be helpful to you when cleaning or changing your tanks and coils in the vape pen. 

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