Best Shopping and Maintenance Tips for Wooden Wedding Rings

Wooden Wedding Rings

Wooden wedding rings are simple, elegant, and natural, loved by romantic couples who believe in using eco-friendly jewelry. Then, you need to learn about how to shop for wedding rings, engagement rings, and their maintenance. Proper care and upkeep will make your wooden ring last long. 

According to an article published on, women these days do not go for super big, flashy rings but prefer minimalist jewelry. That is where the elegance of wooden rings comes into play. Here are some of the best shopping and maintenance tips for wooden wedding rings: 

Shopping tips 

Right size: You cannot resize wooden rings and therefore, you need to ensure you know the correct size. Let a professional jeweler take your ring size. Once you know the right size for your wooden wedding ring, there would be no complications later. 

Additional services: Some jewelers specialize in wooden rings and provide additional services such as re-finishing, exchange, and replacement. Therefore, check for such policies before you decide to buy your wedding ring. 

Order in advance: If you prefer handmade wedding rings, these take around 6-8 weeks to design. The custom design will also take much time. Therefore, order your ring at least 4-6 weeks months before your wedding to avoid the last-minute rush. 

Sentimental value: Some jewelers are experts in designing wooden rings, use wood that has some emotional value. It could a small piece of hardwood from any park where the lovebirds met. Jewelers can also include items such as seashells into the wood rings design. So if you have any sentimental value, ask your jeweler to include them into the ring design. 

Care for your wedding wooden rings

You need to care and maintain your wedding wood rings to ensure they last long because these are not just pieces of jewelry but have some emotional value attached to them. Here are some of the maintenance tips: 

  • Always ensure that you remove your ring before you take a shower, bathe, or swim.
  • Though wood rings can endure hand washing, these shouldn’t be worn when you are doing the dishes. Exposure to moisture for a long time may damage your wedding ring. 
  • Remove your wooden ring before doing activities that expose the jewelry to abrasives, chemicals, and hard knocks. 
  • You need to go for re-finishing your wedding band periodically to retain its shine and protect the jewelry. 
  • Remove your wooden wedding ring before using cosmetic, makeup items such as facemask, foundation, hair gel, lotion, and things like that. 
  • Clean your ring with a soft cloth. 
  • Avoid wearing your ring when indulging in some water sports.
  • Do not keep your wedding wood ring in a hot and damp setting.
  • Avoid placing the ring under the direct light of the sun. 
  • Do not wear a wood ring while wearing leather or rubber gloves. 

These care and maintenance tips go a long way to make your wooden wedding rings last longer. 

Final words

Now that you have these shopping and maintenance tips handy, make the right purchase of wedding wood rings for your big day. Happy wedding!

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