12 Tips to Help Get Rid of Spiders from Your Home in Vancouver



Do you have a spider problem in your Vancouver home? You are most likely not alone. Vancouver being a cold humid part of the world, supports spider populations aggressively. These spiders like humidity and cold environments to place their webs and grow populations quickly.

Spider control Vancouver is a service required by many. These spiders along with other pests make homes in the city uncomfortable and also at time dangerous to live in. However, important to note that the common house spider is not something you should be scared of.

For your pest control Vancouver requirements, there is a lot you can do on your own. Also, there are quality services for hire available as well when needed.

1: Lights Out When Not Needed

This is an indirect solution and yet one that is probably one of the most effective. Spiders munch on other pests and insects. Many other insects and pests populate well lit areas. And spiders detect them in your homes when lights are on. To keep spiders away, keep lights out not attractive other insects.

2: Seal All Wall Cracks

This one will take bit of a time and effort when you are doing it by your own self. This is where a pest control Surrey service will come useful. What you want to do is to not let any spiders or other pests through the walls. Smallest of cracks can let in spiders along with other unwanted guests anytime.

3: Disinfect, Clean or Get Rid of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are nice. They also provide shelter for spiders in their leaves and stores. If you cannot disinfect the stores where plants are kept or clean the whole area regularly, may be its for the best to get rid of the whole thing. Mosquitoes, flies and other insects also surround plants along with spiders.

4: Dusting Once a Day Keeps the Spider Away

Regular dusting is absolutely essential for a spider, bug and insect free household. Make a habit of dusting your house interior or at least the rooms you use the most once a day. Remove all small spider webs and spiders from all corners. If not, these webs will get big rapidly.

5: Clear the Clutter

Spiders and other unwanted insects or pests hide away from sight in clutter around the walls or corners. Non frequently used books, wall hangings, art pieces and other decorations give way to spider webs. Clear as much clutter as you can from your cupboards, closets and all other regions for spider control.

6: Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Spiders prey on other insects. Any flies, mosquitoes or other flying and crawling bugs are easy spider preys. Spiders detect them as well. Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy at all times and free from other pests also keeps spiders away. Pest control Langley and Vancouver in kitchens is the best way to go.

7: Keep Your Trash Area Pest Free

Spiders and other pests don’t have to nest or make webs inside your home. They can just crawl or fly inside even when their resting places are outside in the trash area. Keep your trash areas pest free by spraying and killing pests often. This would help keep your home insides spider and pest free too.

8: Use Peppermint Sprays

Peppermint sprays are spider’s worst nightmares. Find peppermint oils, these are very easy to get. Add 25 to 30 drops of it in a spray bottle filled with water. Now, go around the house with this peppermint spray. Focus on areas where you think spiders can be hiding and get every corner. Spiders gone!

9: Eucalyptus Oils Work Great Too

Another nifty little spider killing and controlling tip is to use eucalyptus oils. Follow the same technique and spray these eucalyptus oil spray in your house. These oils are also great to detoxify your body pores. Spray some on you as well. Keep the spiders away and win the war against these crawly scary things.

10: Oh! That Smell of Vinegar

One of the most widely available spider killers is vinegar. Every household has some. Spiders absolutely hate smell of vinegar. If you don’t hate it as much as spiders as well, spray or sprinkle some water diluted vinegar in your house. Kitchens, trash areas, bathrooms or wherever spiders are, make them go.

11: Compromising Night Light

Bugs and insects love bright lights. Spiders hate lights. Where is the compromise, in a not so bright red night light! Get one for all of your rooms and begone with bugs, insects and spiders. Although, this might not be the most effective tip of all here. Fall back to vinegar or any other if this doesn’t work for you.

12: Citrus Plant in the Home

Spiders also hate the smell of citrus plant. Having one at your windows and entrances stop these from coming in. Citrus plant also stops many other bugs and insects too. This is one of the most effective pest control Abbotsford tips anyone would give you. Enjoy!

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