Tips To Incorporate Crystals Into Your Home Decor!


Healing gems like orgonite pyramid, rose quartz and amethyst have grown popular with celebrities and wellness influencers alike. Whether or not you believe in crystals’ healing and revitalizing powers, these natural mineral formations are beautiful and may be used in various ways.

Suppose you’re seeking to freshen up your house with some gorgeous new homewares, try incorporating some color into your interior style or want to bring more positive vibes into your home with some thoughtful crystal placement. In that case, we have some ideas for you.

Here are eight simple ways to add crystals to your home’s decor.

  • Styling

Create lovely scenes atop coffee tables and sideboards with creatively placed crystals and trinkets; be sure you choose large enough crystals to be seen and come in various unique shapes and colors.

  • Bookends 

A lovely set of bookends can truly dress up an outdated bookshelf and add a touch of refinement to your display’s style. Combine books in pink or purple hues with amethyst, rose, or clear quartz bookends to enhance color palettes.

  • Coasters

Crystal coasters are simple to acquire and inexpensive to purchase, and they add a touch of style to any dining or coffee table.

  • Knobs And Handles

When placed properly, crystals may create attractive door handles and drawer knobs, albeit they take some smart DIY or customizing. It’s a design oddity that isn’t commonly seen in homes, but it’s lovely and distinctive.

  • Organizers

Pick up crystal pillars and wands that can stand upright and use them to organize your rings and bracelets.

  • Art

Make a piece of art out of your crystals by tying them into mobiles or wall hangings to add texture and color to a room.

  • Holder For A Candlestick

A pair of rose quartz candlestick holders are a low-key way to add a crystal to your décor for individuals who love to party or enjoy a candlelight evening.

Where To Place The Healing Crystals In Your Home For Good Energy?

Crystal healing stones for sale should be your first choice if you want to boost the atmosphere of a place while also improving the design. They have ‘perceived abilities’ and are a terrific way to adorn an area.

Whether you want to start a crystal collection or have a few, buy crystals online and use the ultimate guide to crystal decorating in the home.

  • Entrance Door

Black tourmaline is cleansing and protecting stone ideal for your front door. Place it near the door on the console, window, or shelf. Then, add a piece of jade to bring money and luck into your home.

  • Bedroom

Rose quartz will add romance, love, and joy to your space. Place four crystals on the floor at each bed leg to add to the ambiance. Do you have difficulties sleeping? Put a piece of amethyst beneath your mattress or on your nightstand. Place a piece of black tourmaline in each of the four corners of your room to purify it.

  • Lounging Room

Do you want to sit back and unwind? Then, amber is the finest color for you. Please put it on a tray and set it on your coffee table. Amethyst helps communicate, and selenite is wonderful for cleansing.

  • Kitchen

Carnelian is a refreshing and uplifting stone, so it’s ideal for boosting your creativity when you’re preparing a meal. In addition, Celestite is beneficial to one’s health and well-being. Do you need to concentrate? Place some citrine on your work surface. Rose quartz adds a touch of caring energy.

  • Bathroom

Cleanse quartz will clear the energy in your bathroom. You may also add rose quartz to your bath to create a caring environment.

  • Study

Place shungite near your devices for protection and balance.

Black tourmaline is useful in blocking any negative energy from social media, while amethyst is good for focusing and opening your mind. Do you need assistance concentrating? On your desk, place a piece of citrine.

  • Room For A Child

Celestite calms and nourishes, while hematite is quiet and grounded. Obsidian can aid your child with nightmares by absorbing negative energy.

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