Tips to Take Care of the Nursing Breasts!

Tips to Take Care of the Nursing Breasts!

Care is something that you need to pay attention to when we talk about nursing breasts. You can easily take care of your nursing breasts with the help of best breast pads and other important things that you need to keep in mind. As soon as your breasts fill up with breast milk, you might notice something like breast engorgement, tingling, tenderness and the leaking of the milk from the breasts. These are normal experiences and you don’t need to worry about them. All you need to do is buy washable breast pads in order to make the situations better. 

Here are a few tips that could help you learn how to take care of nursing breasts:-

1. Keep yourself clean – Practicing good hygiene is one of the most important things for every mother. Always wash your hands before you touch your breasts. Keep the nipples and the breasts clean by washing them with warm water during bath time. Avoid using soaps on breasts as it might lead to cracked, dry and irritated skin. It might also remove the natural oils that are produced by the Montgomery glands that are located in the dark areas surrounding the nipples.

2. Wear a supportive bra always – Choosing a nursing bra or the regular bra that fits you well is important to wear. This will give better support to your breasts and you’ll feel comfortable as well. Cotton is one of the excellent choices of fabric that will allow your skin to breathe. 

3. Make sure the baby is latching on properly on the breasts- Getting your child to latch on well is necessary, right from the first breastfeeding. Sometimes, breastfeeding for about two to three hours might lead to breast problems like breast engorgement, sore nipples, mastitis and plugged milk ducts. If the baby latches on the breasts properly, it will help you in preventing these problems, for sure. 

4. Use reusable breast pads and change them oftenIf you’re using cotton squares or breast pads inside the bra, then these will soak up the breast milk and prevent the leaking of breasts. Be sure that you change them whenever they’re wet. Dry and clean nursing pads will help you prevent sore nipples, mastitis, thrush, and other problems. 

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a). Moisturize nipples with breast milk- After nursing the baby, rub some of the breast milk on your own nipples and let them dry. This will help in the moisturization of nipples. 

b). Remove the child from the breast correctly – Whenever you’re ready to take off the baby of your breast, do not pull them, instead, you must place your finger in the corner of the baby’s mouth to break the suction between the breast nipple and the mouth. 

c). Treat out the breast engorgement – If your breasts are painfully overfull, swollen and hard, you must use the cold compresses or the cold cabbage leaves to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. 

d). Monthly breast self-examination – It’s very essential to check out your breasts every month. While it’s normal for the breasts to look lumpy, while they’re full of milk, the lumps must go away with the pumping, breastfeeding, massaging your breasts, etc. In case you notice a lump that’s not going away, then you must contact your doctor.

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