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Titane 2021 Full Movie Free Download Hindi Dubbed

Titane 2021 Full Movie

Titane 2021 Full Movie Free Download Hindi Dubbed

Define this movie as Art Cinema is not correct; making a movie is art; good or bad, commercial or not but still art.

Titane could be better define as experimental but still commercial and still very good.

Instead of going for the standard dysfunctional family drama, Julia Ducournau (the director) uses music, colors, lights and extreme (sometimes shocking situations) as a metaphor for common and ordinary situations. Going for the melodrama could be easier; but the messages will be quickly forgotten; with this way of storytelling it will be in your memory for a long long time.

Explaining too much could simplify its greatness. Let’s just said that important subjects of parenting failure, communication, chauvinism and loneliness are the main core.

The story is intriguing; Alexia as a kid had an accident in her father’s car; so a Titanium plaque was fixed in her head.

Some years later she is a dancer on a particular type of club. Attempts of human intimacy makes her becomes a sadistic, cold killer. However she has sex with cars (not in but WITH the vehicle itself) and becomes pregnant.

After a few deaths and shocking situations; she usurps the identity of a missing (for 17 years) kid and is accepted by the kids father a bomber captain (outstanding Vincent Lindon) as his own; but living with the man is not that easy; particularly as a pregnant woman passing as a male young adult.

The second act is a little less shocking than the first; however is still strong and very realistic in some scenes.

Just to clarify; there is almost not gore in the movie but the violence (suggested) is clearly present.

Agathe Rousselle (is her first movie) put everything and succeeds in creating a character pure madness but ultimately empathetic.

The far more experienced Vincent Lindon is even better; transmitting his many pains almost without words. His scenes fighting his age are difficult to forget.

In brief; really worth your time and if something is not understood just ask.

Titane 2021 Full Movie Free Download Hindi Dubbed

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