PDFBear: Easy Web-Based Tool For Your File Formats

PDFBear: Easy Web-Based Tool For Your File Formats

PDF is among the most useful file formats ever generated. It has been widely used by many, especially for files that need no alteration. However, sometimes you would encounter the need to edit PDF files. As a result, you will look for a reliable tool online that can help alter your file.

There are only a few web-based tools available in the market that provide simple and manageable steps for your file format alteration. One of them is PDFBear. You can unlock passwords, convert, merge, and compress your PDF files using this tool!

Unlock PDF Password

PDFBear is a versatile tool. It provides a lot of features. It offers you the PDF unlock tool that could sometimes be tricky when using other online tools. PDFBear assures you to provide you with the most comfortable way to unlock your PDF file’s password. Just follow these easy steps: 

  • Choose the PDF file you need to unlock and drag it to their server.
  • Next is you need to input the password.
  • Select the “unlock PDF.”
  • The last step involves the decryption of your PDF file. After that, you can now download it online! 

The four easy steps that PDFBear provides are an affirmation of its straightforward and fail-proof system. Most of the time, you only need to upload and wait for your files to be finished. You do not need to have extra and complicated steps in doing so, and it is easy to use that even beginners in using computers can efficiently utilize! 

Easy Conversion Of Your File Formats

If you are planning to convert your file formats, you may encounter many problems in the process. File conversion might be an easy task. However, it will only be easy if you use the right tool. PDFBear guarantees you an easy way of converting your file format into a PDF file. Just follow these steps: 

  • Select the file that you need to convert into a PDF file. And drop it to their converter tool.
  • PDFBear’s system will automatically detect the file you wish to convert.
  • Your file is waiting to be converted.
  • A few moments after, you can now download your converted file format.

The steps are pretty straightforward. First is you just need to upload the files to their system and wait for it to finish. Even beginners can easily make this task done! PDFBear has made your file format conversion easier!

Also, you can convert other file formats with PDFBear. If you like to convert Word to PDF, JPG to PDF, PPT to PDF, and vice versa, you just need to follow the same procedure. The comfort that this tool provides will surely give you no regrets. Easy utilization of tools is equivalent to more productive tasks! 

Compress PDF File

If you ever experience having a vast amount of files, you also experience sending them online. Having a massive file is that it would consume a lot of space in your storage system. That is why some people would choose to compress it. Not surprisingly, PDFBear also has this tool. Compress your files using these easy steps:

  • Select your desired file that needs to be compressed.
  • You may select an option.
  • The third stage is that your desired file is being analyzed and compressed. 
  • In just a few seconds, your files are ready to be downloaded online!

Some would have the problem of the effects of compressing a file. Others may experience a lower quality of their files after being reduced. But PDFBear assures you that your file format’s quality is not reduced. Experts and enthusiasts have hailed it as the best online compressor tool! The reason is simple, PDFBear uses the best system for your file formats.

If you are worried if your compressed files are not in safe hands, then don’t be. PDFBear assures you that it will delete your files from their system just an hour after finishing your file format alteration. It is a way of making sure that other people will not hack your files! This tool is reliable and safe at the same time and also available: Compress JPEG File Online


Ever since PDFBear took place in the market, it has made a lot of jobs done effortlessly. One does not need complicated tools to alter file formats. You just need the right tool to provide you with the best possible outcome.

The only way to experience the same comfort that PDFBear has provided to their customer is by using it. You may try to visit their website and know more about their other features. You can also try it and avail of their free-trial promo!


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