Top 10 Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

Top 10 Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

Losing weight can be an uphill task, especially when you want to live a healthy life. Most of us give up on our dreams of losing weight when we think of a diet. In most cases, losing weight can be achieved by simply following a healthy diet and including physical activities. Additionally, chat with a doctor who can guide as everyone’s body is different and requires different macronutrients.

Here is a compiled list of top 10 food items you must avoid if you are looking to shed those extra pounds for a healthy life. 

  • Sugary Beverages 

Most beverages such as aerated drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices and sports drinks available in supermarkets have added emulsifiers, preservatives and added sugar. This could be the sole reason to drain all your weight loss goals. Moreover, The Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggested that we must limit our calorie intake of added sugar to not more than 10%. 

  • French Fries 

Carbohydrates like potatoes that are fried in refined oil are a bad combination for your weight goals. They are high in trans-fat, salt and oil. Cooking in a deep fryer only makes them carry a large number of calories. It is advisable to opt for a salad bowl or fresh fruits for better nutrients.

  • Fast food joints 

Fast food is widely popular for its convenience. However, they are a bad option for weight loss. They are high in calories which are difficult to lose. The inclusion of such things in our diets leads to various health problems. If you are looking for legitimate sources that can take you a step closer to your goals, then you must try Bajaj Finserv Health EMI card

  • Chips and crackers 

We have all relied on munching crisps and crackers when hungry. However, they are incredibly high in sodium and preservatives. Instead, switch to fresh food to reduce your calorie intake. 

  • Ice Cream 

Your favourite ice-cream might be lip-smacking but hardly brings any benefits. They are stuffed with added sugar hence making it fattening. Instead, opt for fresh Greek Yoghurt with your favourite fruits. 

  • White Bread 

Bread is a staple part of one’s diets. However, white bread is made using refined wheat flour that helps in building stubborn fat in your body while hardly providing protein or fibre. It is advisable to choose whole-grain bread that is helpful for weight loss. 

  • Granola Bars and Energy Bars

Granola bars are supposed to be a healthier variant. Although they claim to be rich in protein, they contain added sugar and preservatives if you are looking for protein or fibre sources, including an apple or boiled egg in your diet to stay in calorie check. 

  • Sweetened yoghurts 

Most sweet yoghurts have sugar and fail to add a healthy touch. Fat-free yoghurts are likely to contain added sugars. It is highly advisable to read the ingredient list and nutritional information to know what you are buying. 

  • Baked Items

Baked items such as cookies, cakes are high in refined sugar, including fructose that makes you hungry. They are high in trans fats that are likely to increase the risk of obesity. It is imperative to avoid or reduce their consumption to reach your weight goals. 

  • Breakfast cereals

When consumed, they might seem tasty but fail to provide many benefits. They are high in sugar and not the best way to start your mornings. Instead, opt for fruits, dry fruits, or eggs to look for a wholesome breakfast. 

These are a few weight loss myths you must avoid above mentioned foods if you are focused on losing that extra weight and follow a healthy diet. Additionally, reaching out or arranging a chat with a doctor can help you clarify your doubts and create a diet chart that caters to your needs and preferences. 

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