Top 10 Lead Generation Websites For Contractors


Every business intends to grow and wants the best way to generate leads. Most contractors understand how important generating can help grow a business. Basically, there is a variety of ways to generate leads but few are very efficient. Lead-generation websites remain the best for contractors who wish to create visibility online. 

Contractor lead generation should be the first and foremost thing that should be in mind when starting up your contractor business. Lead generation websites are the best way for contractors to connect with their potential clients. 

Reasons Why Lead Generation Is Important For Contractors

A good lead strategy is likely to help contractors reach their potential clients and possibly help to ensure that they convert. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the possible ways to reach clients efficiently. 

    • Contractors intend to grow their businesses.  Contractors have a pressing need to generate leads and get more projects. These leads can be generated through many sources, which includes a lead generation website. 
  • To reach Their potential customers. With the help of lead generation contractors can reach their potential clients with ease through the use of a lead generation website. Other lead-generation strategies can be used as well.
  • Generate quality leads and save time. A lead generation website saves a lot of time that could be used in reaching customers by word of mouth. Reaching a wide range of target audiences can simply be done in a few clicks.

Lead Generation

Top Lead Generation Website For Contractors 

Contractors who wish to get the best lead generation should make use of these websites. 

Build Zoom

Build zoom connects a contractor and their clients directly. Basically, it helps in listing a contractor’s business, thereby making it easier for clients to find contractors without much hassle. A client can easily see previous projects of the contractor. 

The clients also get to see the quality of work provided by the contractor, his working experience, and reviews made by other clients. The leads generated are high-intent leads which are the best quality leads. Clients can share their intended projects on the website and easily locate their potential contractors based on their keywords.

Projects shared on the platform are being checked before sending them to a contractor. Also, a small fee is charged by the platform when your company gets hired


Bark makes it easy for contractors to search for projects matching their skill set. A contractor can easily send a message to the client through the platform. Also matches a contractor and a client based on the skills provided by the client. 

Because it has a wide range of users getting high-quality leads is made possible. It is a free-to-join platform but, it requires buying credits to connect with leads. It is an easy way for clients to find a local contractor and connect with ease. 

Complied projects with details can easily be sent to a contractor. The contractor can choose which projects to work on based on his skill level.

Google My Business

The best way to set up your business as you want using images and the best designs, the service you offer, and how best you can help your potential clients.  It allows clients to find contractors through a simple google search. You can easily get listed on google by using simply setting up a Google Business Profile. 

This is also one of the best ways to generate high-intent quality leads as these are clients searching for your business directly. Setting up a Google Business Profile is done for free, and that’s why it is recommended by most contractors. Optimization of your business using a particular keyword can all be done in one place.


Houzz specializes in residential service, thereby making it perfect for contractors. It is a lead-generation website that allows homeowners to easily locate a local contractor. They easily check the rating of the contractor before making a decision about hiring the contractor.

When decisions are made they can contact the contractor directly through the platform. Preferably contractors can use an advanced version of the platform which provides a better variety of features. Houzz pro+ is the advanced version of the platform which requires a monthly payment to access. Making use of this advanced version helps increase your visibility on the platform. 

It simply lets contractors display their work, skills, and experience which can also help clients know the right contractor to choose. 

Facebook Business

Facebook Business

Creating a social media presence for contractors is made easy with FaceBook Business. It is free to access, create content post images of your business and help your potential clients locate you. Facebook can help you create ads in the sense that locating a client and promoting your business is done with ease. 

Facebook is a social media platform that has a wide range of users, thereby creating a high chance of generating a steady lead. It is an amazing platform that lets you display your business the best way you can. It is the best way to connect with all your client in one place without paying a dime. 

In this case, you don’t need to pay for leads, you only when running ads to promote your business.

Construct Connect 

Construct Connect is a website created with contractors in mind. The platform helps in bringing contractors together for the single purpose of streamlining the bid management process and committing to a project. Also with the help of this platform contractors can identify private and public bidding opportunities and also review project plans.

 It is the best way to unite contractors making it easier to generate leads for themselves. The website helps in creating simple personalized recommendations which help in offering a database used in prospecting and also in outreach for contractors. It creates a safe space for different to come together and share their ideas


This is a simple website made for homeowners who intend to improve their homes with the help of a contractor. It is one of the best ways of connecting homeowners directly to a contractor. By simply inputting your zip code you can get easily get a list of contractors in your local area. 

Because it is made up of mostly contractors you can pick the best contractor that suits the project you are running. It creates specific quality leads for people interested in, home service. It offers more control, thereby targeting your specific audience. 

It removes irrelevant leads and provides only quality leads. You can also choose and pay for the leads you get. Doing so ensures that you get the best quality leads.

Home Advisor

Home Advisor is noted as one of the best popular lead-generation websites for homeowners and contractors. It is generally made for home improvement, therefore it connects homeowners who wish to improve their homes and contractors. It helps contractors reach new clients locally.

Home Advisor has a wide range of users which means that more quality leads can be generated by a contractor. There is a cost to pay per lead which varies according to region. Targeting the right audience is very crucial to avoid the wastage of budget.

Users must also pay an annual subscription fee. 


Yelp is one of the top lead-generation websites for contractors which is also an app. It is one of the best ways of finding local businesses in your area. It contains a wide range of local contractors which you can easily connect with online or in person. 

Since it contains many business varieties you would have to enter a particular keyword while searching for contractors. Yelp listing also tends to make a good ranking on google searches. It helps to build business awareness and visibility. 

It creates reviews and working history which helps build up a client’s interest in hiring a contractor. Also, it has a paid advert method which can also be the best way to reach your target audience and generate more high-quality leads.

Angi’s List

Angi’s List helps to connect clients to their potential clients, generate quality leads and make sure they convert. It has a wide range of home improvement projects that contractors can easily pick from based on their skills. With the use of Angi’s List contractors can easily get Convertable leads in their local area. 

Contractors can also pay for an ad to target a specific audience. It has one of the best features of revealing your potential clients and how best you can connect with them. While using the website, you can ask clients for reviews, thereby improving your credibility as a contractor. 

It is easily accessible for both clients and contractors, both in making a review and finding a contractor as a client.

To End, It All

Despite using the best lead generation websites, without much effort from contractors, it would be very difficult to generate leads and get conversions.

Contractors need to be as good as the website they are using. Also, a contractor has to deliver his best when given a project, in other to retain clients.   

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