Top 3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Making a Slideshow Video

Slideshow Video

Bad Slideshow Video Making Mistakes

Nowadays, starting a YouTube channel has become an easy way to upscale your work and draw some light on yourself. People from all walks of life have embraced YouTube as a medium of creative expression.

YouTubers work day and night to get things right and charm their audiences with unmatched content and skilled editing. Some even use YouTube movie makers to give a professional overview. If your video lacks vision and value-addition, getting a significant response for your videos can be a far-fetched dream.

Before you get started on this lucrative journey, avoid these three common mistakes for a safe landing:

  1. Avoiding intros and Outros:

Intros and outros help videos form a base and conclude them in an orderly manner. Without the two, your videos seem to lack creativity and credibility. You can slide in intros and outros wherever you want, but a standard format suggests including them at the beginning and the end respectively.

Firstly, your intros and outros should be wired with important information. If they lack the sole reason for which they are being made, i.e. intros for giving introduction and outros for culmination, then the purpose of doing so gets defeated.

Secondly, keep them as lively as possible. If you cannot fathom the reason you are doing this video and you are unable to give out an insightful intro, then you can give up on making your lovely audiences stay. Call to actions in outros are as important as asking the people to subscribe to your channel.

  1. Too much information in one go:

Overwhelming your viewer with information can work against you. The audience can process only so much information, that too if given in intervals. Keeping it crisp and concise is a vital element of successful videos.

Imagine yourself making a cooking video where you just keep on reading the recipe to the viewers. It would definitely put the viewer off and lead him/her to either skip or exit the video completely.  While including text, make sure to keep the sentences short and language audience-appropriate.

Besides, an ideal video is one that has an ideally balanced audio and visual time. Most people tend to miss out on this factor which is extremely important when it comes to engaging the viewers. Just adding too many visuals without proper explanation and content on the same, and vice versa will lead to the viewers stopping your video midway. Hence, this perfect balance should be struck to make the most of your slideshow videos.

  1. Unmatched background score:

Music helps in creating a mood for the content that is being played on the screen. It has the power to make the videos look charming and entertaining. However, it can also become a major setback if not taken seriously. People don’t realize the effect music has on people, and thus, music preferences must be thoroughly thought-through. It could be the same throughout the video, or you have variation depending on the scenes. Music can give a new angle to the video; hence, it is important to choose music complementing your text or content.

Music is considered as food for the soul by many. Hence, using the right music that strikes the chords with the viewers will not only set the perfect mood for your slideshow viewers but will also increase their interest and relatability with the same.

While these are the three major mistakes people make while making a slideshow video, there are other minute details people often tend to miss.


  • Poor animation: 

Your slideshow video can become confusing with poor animations. If you believe that putting animation on every slide is elevating your video, then you are wrong. You should put animated transitions where you feel you want to shed light by making it stand out from the other slides. You can get your hands on numerous online slideshow makers available to guide you.

  • Inconsistency in slides: 

While content is the king, consistency is the queen. You would not want your videos to give a bewildering look and upset the viewers. It is crucial to maintain consistency while delivering content for a great slideshow video.

  • Using 3D effects:

This concept is often neglected and overlooked by content creators. We think it is crucial to add a few 3D effects in your video to make it even more appealing and exciting. Animations were the past, 3D is the trend now. Therefore, adding eye-catching GIFs or 3D effects to your slideshow will keep the viewers hooked to your content until the very end.

Many online video editors are at your service to make your task easy and super fun. InVideo tries to diminish the problems you might face and brings your efforts to fruition while saving you from getting a bumpy start.

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