Top 5 Benefits Of Wearing Merino Wool Shirts

Merino Wool Shirts

While traveling, all you need is the most comfortable piece of clothing to take along with you. And merino wool shorts are one of them. Talking about the perks of merino wool, there are several travel products made from this fabric. From wool shirts, socks, sweatshirts to merino wool polo shirts, they have it all. Have you ever thought about what is so special about this fabric that makes it so comfortable and great for travel? Well, to get an answer to this, keep on reading.

Soft & Comfy

Merino wool is the finest wool fiber that can be comfortable for all weathers. If the word wool gives, you thought of itchy fabric, hang on because there is nothing itchy pitchy. This is one such fabric that reminds you of your grandma’s knitted sweater. Merino wool shirts for men are the most comfortable piece of clothing one can ever know. The material is static resistant and hypoallergenic, so basically, you will never have any skin reactions by wearing it.

Finest Antimicrobial Properties

Not all wool shirts have excellent antimicrobial properties. But with shirts made of merino wool, you do not have to worry about the odor-causing bacteria. The fabric is exceptionally breathable and has great moisture control. Therefore you do not need to wash your merino wool polo shirts again and again after every use. Merino wool shirts retain up to 30% of their moisture weight and still tend to feel dry. You can wear these shirts without worrying about their dry cleaning or drying. Also, because the fabric has the quality to wick away the moisture, bacteria don’t get any moist environment to thrive and grow. Whether you wear mens merino wool shirts in the humid climate or during winters, you will always remind dry and stink-free.

Great Temperature Regulation

Merino wool is one such fabric that gets warm in cool weather and cools in hot weather. The way in which the fiber of this fabric is constructed, it comes out in the best way for temperature regulation. Merino wool clothing has two layers to it. The outer layer is water-repelling, whereas the inner layer is water-absorbing. The hydrophobic layer of the fabric keeps you warm by replying to the moisture, whereas the inner layer keeps you cool and dry by absorbing your sweat. Hence, buying a merino wool shirt can be beneficial for all climates.

Recommendable Elasticity

Merino wool polo shirts are known for their elasticity. The fiber has a natural elasticity that tends to keep the cloth in shape by not stretching it much. You can stretch the fiber almost 30,000 times, and apparently, there won’t be any damage caused. The natural crimp in the fiber is highly responsible for such durability of the fabric.


There is a saying that nothing lasts forever. But with fabrics like merino wool, you can count on its durability. Even if all your clothes are at an urge of getting retired, merino wool clothes will never let you down. It will either keep hanging in your wardrobe or will get dissolved. As merino wool is made of keratin, the same protein as our hair and skin, it won’t be sitting for too long on the land. The fabric will disintegrate in the earth within 3-5 years.

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