Top 5 GPS and Navigation Apps For Iphone Users

Navigation Apps For Iphone Users

We all bring our iPhones every day for several activities. One of those is to navigate the places that we would like to go or be updated with the traffic jams on our way. Navigation apps and GPS  are what we’re utilizing in these cases to find out the fastest route to navigate to a location and get an estimate about how long it would take us to arrive. 

And because of that, this article is all about to answer your problem.

Here are the top 5 GPS and navigation applications for iPhone users that you must find running on your phone in 2020.

1. Google Maps

You don’t expect any other applications to be in the top position, do you?y Google Maps is perhaps the most commonly utilized, reliable GPS, and navigation software globally. In short, Google Maps is one of the best navigation apps existing in our generation today. 

Designed by Google and provided free of charge, the software features reliable traffic statistics, various forms of navigation and guided transport, as well as automated navigation rerouting due to road hazards or skipped turns and exits. Most of all, however, is the feature that enables consumers to access it offline. 

2. Maps.ME

Maps.ME is free software that includes maps for over 100 states. Therefore, regardless of where you’re headed, there’s a possibility that Maps.ME would have maps available for that location. The application is designed for visitors and travelers and provides comprehensive charts, including restaurants, tourist attractions, gas stations, etc. 

The software also helps users to access and scan maps for offline usage without any network connections. Bear in mind that although this navigation software is accessible for free, not all treats come with the freemium edition. 

Thus, if you think of accessing your favorite features, you’ll have to pay a few dollars. Apart from this, if you want a basic GPS and iOS navigation software that can act as a comprehensive trip assistant, Maps.ME will measure up to your standards.

3. Waze

Waze is a software from Waze Inc, which Google purchased back in 2013. The software is crowdsourced and relies on the users to collect traffic info. This helps people to monitor incidents, risks, roadblocks, etc. to help all motorists use the feature. 

And, if the highway becomes jam-packed, the software will adjust and make sure you don’t get lost. You will be able to keep track of traffic, fire, and incident warnings so that your ride should stay smooth. It will help you locate the best petrol along the road and help you save cash. 

When you’re fond of music, you’ll have the space you need to enjoy your favorite music applications throughout your trip. Yet these are only a couple highlights because the software has more surprises in store.  All in all, if you want to avoid getting lost due to unforeseen events, then the Waze app is a must-have.

4. Apple Maps

Before, there are moments that Apple Maps looked like they were only creating figures on the iPhone. Although the software is still nothing near Google Maps in terms of functionality, it has kept up quite quickly in recent years, primarily owing to the introduction of several new features, like ETA sharing, the ability to skip tolls, and more.

Perhaps the best thing about having Apple Maps is the smooth integration with Siri and the way that it is shown on the lock screen, which allows users to take a fast peek at the map when driving. 

When you’re using a vehicle with an Apple CarPlay program, it’s much easier to use Apple Maps. Once your car is parked, your phone will immediately show the location on the screen, so you won’t overlook where you parked your car. It will prove to be incredibly valuable in unfamiliar places and towns.

5. CityMaps2Go

CityMaps2Go is an application that provides comprehensive maps that can be saved offline. With over 150 states and 60,000 locations, it has one of the most comprehensive and vast maps. The application is mainly built to make it easy for consumers to schedule their trips to other towns.

Furthermore, you can organize your itinerary list.   Although the free edition of CityMaps2Go includes all the essential functionality, you may have to pay a couple more bucks to unlock all the best treats without any limits.


Having these apps for the iPhone will guarantee that you never get lost regardless of your destination.  These applications make it easy to get around the area without asking people for guidance.

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