Top 5 Holiday Programs For Primary School Students To Accelerate Learning

Top 5 Holiday Programs For Primary School Students To Accelerate Learning


2021 is the year culminating in a year of transitions and challenges. In Australia, students enjoy a long summer break when exams and assignments are over; students might be left wondering what to do. Today, engineering camps deliver fun STEM school holiday activities with collaborative programs and activities. 

This article has gathered the best holiday programs for primary school students for a productive time while they use their brains.

Here are some, please take a look:

Cloud in a Jar 

Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and other states of matter will get some attention from the young ones in this delightful activity. A few simple DIY ingredients ( water and hairspray) come together to demonstrate the water cycle. 

The activity is simple and easy for your little friends- or augment for older children into different experiments with two different processes to develop a cloud, with explanations about cloud formation. 

Brownie points if you take kids out on a foggy or cloudy day to help them connect the dots better. 

Sticky Note Number Match 

With a sheet of paper taped to the wall, some sticky notes, or a marker, you can arrange this motion-oriented math activity to help children understand the numeric values. Instead of memorizing lists of numbers, this “game” lets kids pursue sticky note numbers and stick those over the wall. 

The setting for this activity is simple. All you need is tape and paper! If the kids are working on concept numbers 1-5, this activity will help them enhance their analytical skills. 

Building A Hand Crank Winch 

The hand crank STEM holiday activities are ideal for children fond of getting artful and learning how things work. The principle of the winch is an ideal way to create a prompt sense of how children can build interesting things with simple machines like pulleys. 

Young children will need your assistance to develop the winch- but tools like cardboard towel rolls, ribbons, and the elements are all children-friendly. 

Stop- Motion Animation Video 

Stop-motion animation is an excellent choice for creative STEM learning. We’ve all noticed the fun stop-motion videos online, but you probably never believed in developing for your kids. With a smartphone or iPad or a stop-motion application, your kids can learn about technological developments behind movie-making and creating a video unique to their interests. 

Treasure Island 

What if you come across a mysterious treasure box laying on the beach? In Treasure Island, students aim to decipher a code with the help of mirrors and solve a puzzle. Moreover, students need to obtain a code that unlocks the chest of secrets!  

Thereafter, the participants program a robot through coding that leads them through the treacherous waves to reach the end of the treasure quest. 

Wrapping Up

The stem holiday activities allow students to understand and apply several sciences, maths, or coding concepts such as applying for decimal numbers, estimation, and more. In addition, these activities strengthen the empirical knowledge of students through the real application. Often a certificate of achievement is awarded to students who accomplish the missions. Reading education blogs like Edulize is a good idea to stay on top of the latest educational holiday programs and courses offered for primary school students.

By adding elements of art and STEM together, you can develop tomorrow’s best thinkers!

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