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Top Online Book Reading Apps to Access Any and Every Book

Online Book Reading Apps

There is no denying the fact that currently, e-books are a rage and people are no longer interested in purchasing traditional paperback books. The reason being there is a limit to the number of books that you can buy but if you opt for online book reading apps, you will have access to millions of books. Given below is a list of the best book reading apps that you can consider especially if you are a book lover.

Amazon Kindle

While mentioning the online book reading apps, Amazon Kindle can never be missed out. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular book reading apps and all you have to do is sign up on the platform and read all the free available books. The book genres normally range from fiction to non-fiction, historical to romance, and a lot more. There are also several options, which you can purchase if you want to. This book reading app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is a perfect way to get hold of the best sellers. According to, you should read those books, which will help you to become better entrepreneurs. 


This is also one of the ideal online book reading apps that you can consider using. The user interface of this application is extremely smooth and you will also have the option of importing your books. Apart from that, this book reading app has an amazing integrated store, from where you have the option of accessing comics, newspapers, and magazines. This app is also available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Google Playbooks

This is also one of the most popular online book reading apps which is normally present in default for Android smartphones. Developed by Google, this is an amazing book reading app which helps you to customize the entire reading look. You will have the freedom of playing with the color and size of the font. Moreover, if there is any word that you are not being able to understand, the dictionary feature will help you to easily look up the meaning of the word. You can download as well as purchase books according to your convenience.


This is also a popular reading community and you are going to come across different free books. Like all the other online book reading apps, there will be several paid books here as well. This book reading app is famous particularly for people who are interested in receiving recommendations before they start reading a book. 

Oodles Book Reader

This online book reading app is going to provide you with almost 50,000 books that can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. All the books have been arranged in several interesting categories, which help you to access them based on the preferences that you have. You are also going to come across several customization options because you will be able to play with spacing, margin, text colors, and a lot more. The paperback animation will provide the feeling that you are reading a traditional book. 


The online book reading apps that have been mentioned above are undoubtedly a treat. Make sure that you are considering the one that you feel is the best for the needs that you have. 

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