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How to Make Your Traditional Dining Room Less Boring

Dining Room


Many people consider their dining room to be one of the official spaces in the home or house. After all, dining rooms have been commonly reserved for special occasions and formal parties and not so much for casual get-togethers. However, having a dedicated room that is seldomly used just so it can remain elegant and classy could be somewhat impractical in our modern lives, as few people are regularly hosting fancy parties. That is why it has become popular to explore the existing options when it comes to opening up the dining room to the rest of the interior space and making it more vibrant, inviting, and, admittedly, a bit less boring. 

Using Antiques In a Modern Space

When thinking of antiques, the typical image the word conjures is of heavily-ornamented and imposing furniture pieces. While there are definitely many such items, they are not the only options that could produce an immediate effect when added to your dining room space. Browsing through the catalog of a specialized antique dealership such as Westland London provides customers with easy access to a vast selection of different antique items from multiple time periods.

At first, the idea of introducing antique furniture or item to your dining room may seem contradictory. However, the goal is not to haphazardly put antiques with the hope that they will revitalize the interior design and add character to the room. To achieve the best outcome, the chosen pieces must complement the existing decor without becoming too overwhelming. 

General Tips For Introducing Antiques To a Room

When using antiques alongside a modern interior design, you should try to follow several basic guidelines. Start by deciding what the general aesthetic that you wish to achieve will be. Then, think about function and effect. For example, finding an antique harvest table/refectory table would create an amazing centerpiece for the room while still remaining perfectly functional. If you aim to bring some color and pizzazz to the space, picking some antique vases, mirrors, or lamps could be a perfect choice. Naturally, if you are feeling less adventurous and would like to stay on the safe side, you may wish to go for furniture or items with a more neutral color scheme. Doing so would make it easier to create a cohesive look. 

Paint The Walls

Of course, there is a myriad of other ways to flip your dining room into a more friendly space. One of the most effective methods that would modify the atmosphere of the room entirely is to change the current paint color or wallpaper. The classical way of painting dining rooms involves various shades of white, which could begin to appear a bit stale when trying to make the dining room less formal. To lose some of the serious tones of the room, consider picking a brighter and more fun color for the dining room walls. A green or light blue paint would definitely change the dining room to an energizing and inviting place. The same applies to a potential wallpaper. Ones with fun or engaging patterns, textures, or even foiling will do wonders when it comes to making the room less boring.

Don’t Ignore The Smaller Pieces

While it may be easier to focus on the bigger items, such as the table and dining set, don’t underestimate the effect that the other decor pieces may have on the feel of the room. An ornate Persian rug sprawled on the floor will invariably give an air of sophistication and formal class when compared to an item with far brighter colors and a quirkier pattern. Replacing the traditional floral arrangement with something having a more unexpected texture is also an effective approach. Depending on your personal style and the desired end result, you could try adding a big fern, bowls filled with decorative shells, or an interesting table runner to create visual interest. 

Brightening up the room will also allow you to break from the traditional look. Dining rooms are typically characterized by dimmer and warmer lighting as it helps achieve an elegant ambiance. However, it also lowers the energy of the room and will naturally dampen any partying mood. Adding additional light sources that use brighter white-light bulbs will definitely change the overall feel of the dining room. If you wish to preserve the low-lighting atmosphere but make it less stuffy, you could try out different combinations of smaller lamps or decorative lights. Placing string lights alongside the walls is also an interesting option that is worthy of consideration. 


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