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How to Find Success as a Travel Blogger

How to Find Success as a Travel Blogger

With the amount of competition that there is out there, finding success as a travel blogger is not easier. That doesn’t mean it can’t be managed, though, and with a little work and a lot of creativity, you can transform your blog into a popular site for travelers. 

Stick to a Schedule 

Posting five times in one week and then leaving your blog to collect dust for a month is not the way to earn followers. Create a blogging schedule and stick to it to increase the number of loyal readers on your blog. It’s better to avoid overestimating how much you can do, at least at first – once a week is plenty if that’s all the work you can realistically manage. 

Travel More 

It might go without saying, but a huge part of travel blogging is actually traveling. Your last couple of getaways might create enough content for a couple more posts, but eventually, you need to get back out into the world and find something worth sharing. There’s beauty everywhere, so don’t dismiss a sleepy town or a common market. 

Remember to travel smart to stay safe and minimize costs while traveling. You should book your transport and accommodation in advance, and make sure you have any extras sorted out like booking your airport parking on

Work on Your Written Content 

No matter how many places you travel to or how awesome your pictures are, you won’t keep readers around if your written content isn’t engaging enough. Take the time to produce quality, well-written content that keeps the reader coming back for more. 

Use Social Media to Promote 

Your blog can find more success through social media by reaching more people and directing them to your site. Make sure your accounts keep in tune with your traveling blog and focus on posting great content across social media sites. 

Monetize Your Blog 

Some people view blog success as a large following, whereas others only find their blog successful once they start bringing in real money. If your goal is to make money through your travel blog, start monetizing it by including ads and promoting other brands. If your blog becomes a big enough success, you could become a full-time travel blogger and work on the go. 

Up Your Photography Skills

The images you post must catch the eye, so avoid uploading out-of-focus images of landmarks only half in view. Instead, purchase a quality camera and work on taking great quality pictures to share on your blog. It’ll make your blog appear more professional and appealing, and in turn, bring in more readers. 

Post Videos 

Images and text can paint a great picture in reader’s heads, but sometimes a video can be more engaging. By changing up your posting habits and incorporating videos from time to time, you’ll keep your readers engaged. Remember, the quality of your videos is just as important as the quality of your other content, so use great equipment and learn how to edit.

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