How to Find a Trusted DIY Retailer

How to Find a Trusted DIY Retailer

Americans are known for loving their DIY, especially when it saves a couple hundred dollars. There are so many ways you can DIY your home, whether you are up-cycling a few pieces of old furniture, fixing a broken fence or fitting your entire house with new wooden doors, you will need to find a trusted DIY retailer to purchase any needed tools and materials. However, not all websites on the internet can be trusted.

To avoid engaging with a scam website, follow the advice below on how you can find a trusted DIY retailer.

Use Google to Search

Google is the world’s largest and most trustworthy search engine, and it is used over 63,000 times per second. You can use Google to find out pretty much anything, which is why it is a good idea for you to direct your DIY retailer searches using this platform. Google’s sophisticated algorithms mean that scam sites are much less likely to come up within the first few pages of your search, as Google should determine the legitimacy of a website before presenting it to you. If you google ‘DIY retailers near me’ you should find the most relevant online stores, and stores that are local for you to pop by. If you are still skeptical about the safety of a website, use Google’s Transparency Report to check the URL of a site in question. 

Check the Web Link for a Lock

If you are shopping online instead of in-store, you need to make sure the website is as legitimate and safe as possible, before you enter any personal information or make a purchase. An obvious way you can check the security of a site, is by simply looking for a lock icon at the start of the site’s URL at the top of a page. 

If the lock icon is present, it means that your banking information will be safe if you make a purchase, as hackers will not be able to steal any of your details due to encryption. However, if the lock is not present, it means that the site you are on is not secure, which means that third parties could access your private information, if you were to make a purchase and enter your bank details. 

It is strongly advisable that you only use a DIY retailer such as Tradefix Direct, which has a lock in their URL, as you can be sure you are protected. 

Ask Your Friends for Recommendations

Word of mouth is a great way to find recommendations, especially if you know of any friends who have recently participated in DIY for their home. Ask them for the name of the DIY retailer they used, as then you can be sure you are using a legitimate company. 

Look at Reviews Before You Purchase 

Always look at reviews before you purchase from any site. However, this is particularly encouraged when you are looking to save money on a DIY project, as you do not want to be scammed if you are trying to save your hard-earned cash. 

A trusted DIY retailer should have plenty of shining reviews, ready for you to read. 


Finding a trusted DIY retailer is important, so you can be sure your purchases are coming from a reputable, professional company. You will have the peace of mind knowing that any tools or products you buy will be of high quality, and value for money, which is crucial when you are working on a DIY project and looking to save money. 

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