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Ujda Chaman 2019 Full HD Movie Download Online

Ujda Chaman 2019 Full HD Movie Download Online


Ujda Chaman Leaked Online By Tamilrockers | Hindi Full Movie UjdaChaman

TamilRockers has leaked the Ujra Chaman 2019 Hindi Movie, it is likely to cause huge losses to the movie directors. You can download the quality version of this movie by going to the latest link of TamilRockers.

The most valuable ware controlled by an astute man is leisure time. Media outlets offer us more conceivable outcomes than any time in recent memory to fill our relaxation time and among them, motion pictures are the best wellspring of amusement. And today’s article is all about a movie with some exciting story line.

Ujda Chaman is the movie directed by Abhishek Pathak and lead by Sunny Singh, Maanvi Gagroo, Karishma Sharma. The movie has been released on November 01, 2019, in the Indian cinemas. So let’s see that the movie manages to entertain its audience.

UJDA CHAMAN Movie HD Trailer Download Online

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Story line Of The Movie

UJDA CHAMAN is the narrative of a man looking for a real existence accomplice. ChamanKohli (Sunny Singh) is a 30-year-old speaker in Delhi’s Hansraj College. He has confronted intense balding over the most recent five years, influencing his confidence and furthermore his marriage possibilities.

His folks, ShashiKohli (Atul Kumar) and SushmaKohli (GrushaKapoor) put his five-year-old picture in his marriage bio-information and when he goes to see an imminent lady of the hour, he wears a top. Unfortunately, the top falls off and the forthcoming lady of the hour and her family kick the Kohli’s from their home.

Their family celestial prophet (SaurabhShukla) adds to their strain as he asserts that if Chaman doesn’t get hitched before his 31st birthday, he’ll stay chaste forever. Chaman attempts to discover love, first at the wedding service of a companion however it demonstrates worthless. Afterward, he attempts to charm a kindred instructor, Ekta (AishwaryaSakhuja) yet she dismisses him as she is as of now dating somebody.

Out of the blue, a first-year understudy, Aaina Ali Khan (Karishma Sharma) shows enthusiasm for Chaman. Chaman succumbs to her yet in the blink of an eye, he understands that she spent time with him for personal stakes. With no other alternative, Chamanacknowledges his dad’s recommendation and downloads Tinder. He transfers his image, yet by trimming his uncovered fix.

In the blink of an eye, he coordinates with Apsara (MaanviGagroo), who is overweight and simply like Chaman, she also puts a nearby picture to shroud her purported defect. Both choose to meet and get stunned taking a gander at one another. What occurs next structures the remainder of the film.

Star Cast Of UjdaChaman

Film UjdaChaman


Sunny Singh Nijjar, MaanviGagroo, SaurabhShukla, Atul Kumar, GrushaKapoor, GaganArora, Karishma Sharma,
Directed By AbhishekPathak
Produced By AbhishekPathak, Kumar MangatPathak
Music By Guru Randhawa
Cinematography by  Sudhir K. Chaudhary


UJDA CHAMAN is Remake Movie Version of Kannada film

UJDA CHAMAN is an official revamp of the 2017 Kannada film, ONDU MOTTEYA KATHE (Writer: Raj B Shetty). Danish J Singh’s adjusted story has colossal potential as many individuals can identify with the goings-on appeared in the film. In any case, Danish J Singh’s screenplay plays spoilsport. The account is connecting however just in parts. Danish J Singh’s exchanges are clever and matter-of-reality.


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Some Negative Aspects of Kannada UJDA CHAMAN

AbhishekPathak’s course isn’t commendable enough. The execution appears to be somewhat crude and over-the-top. The way wherein Chaman is disparaged nearly regularly by the understudies because of his retreating hairline is excessive. Additionally, the bearing style isn’t predictable.

UJDA CHAMAN starts on a fun yet noisy note with the underlying bits being somewhat captivating. The cleverness looks constrained in the scene where Chamanendeavors to ambush his sibling Goldy (GaganArora). The track of Aaina is, fortunately, better yet at the same time, the film doesn’t arrive at a high.

Radiant Singh puts forth a strong effort yet the ideal effect isn’t made. The way where he appears to be so genuine and dormant all through the film is hard to process. Indeed, even his portrayal before all else is unnecessarily done in a serious tone. MaanviGagroo improves and is a whiz. Her issues and problems appear to be entirely relatable and she fills the role pleasantly.

Music is frustrating. Just ‘Chand Nikla’ gets enlisted. The remainder of the tunes like ‘Twinkle’, ‘Outfit’ and ‘Goodness Bandeya’ are forgettable. Hitesh Sonik’s experience score is excessively uproarious and sensational.

In general, UJDA CHAMAN has a promising and relatable story yet the conflicting execution and unsurprising account ruin the show. In the cinematic world, on account of constrained buzz and the absence of well-known names, the film will have a troublesome time.

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