Instagram Video: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Content

Instagram Video

The presence of the video on Instagram was already overwhelming, now a day everyone’s like to watch videos on Instagram and also want to InstaDownloaderPro / Download Instagram Video for fun. So videos on the Instagram are the main part of it.  

In today’s post I will tell you why you should bet on video on Instagram instead of posting only images, some general recommendations for creating videos for this social network and of course about IGTV

Recommendations for creating videos for Instagram

There is a characteristic of this network that I have not highlighted and that it is important not to lose sight of. Instagram is, above all, a mobile application.

Although it can be consulted on the desktop, practically all its users have it installed on the mobile, something that does not happen with Facebook, for example. So the videos we make for Instagram have their own characteristics that do not apply to other social networks.

In addition, its vertical format and the many possibilities of video on Instagram, it is essential that you take a few minutes to consider what a video needs to succeed on Instagram. Format, vertical is always better

If you remember the beginnings of Instagram, the images only supported a format, 1: 1. In other words, to be able to upload, it was necessary to cut them into a square format. Although 1: 1 is already history, it is still recommended precisely for its strong visual component.

Something different happens with the video depending on where you plan to share it. For example, if you want to perform an update like the one you can see below, it is advisable to respect the 1: 1 format.

Choose the topic well:

If you are going to create a video for Instagram so first you have to choose the best topic for the video that attracts the people. If you are going to promote your company product with the help of video then this point is very important for you

Use necessary materials:

It is clear that many of the video examples on Instagram can be done with a mobile phone and some imagination.

However, if you want a professional result, it is not worth anything. Especially if you are going to make videos of your products, where the image quality is important. To do this, you must have the necessary material means, such as a professional video camera.

Prepare a real script:

Improvisation is an art that not everyone masters. Prepare a script of what you are going to say and do. What you may find curious or funny, does not have to please the audience, in fact, many celebrities and brands have been much scalded. So it is important to plan each plan as if it were a presentation or an eBook.

Video on Instagram as an update:

Now that we have seen some basic recommendations to launch your first videos on Instagram, I will go on to list how you can use the different resources that this social network offers you.

The first and best known is to post a video on your prole as an update. For this follow different steps

Open the application

You just need to open the application and click on the + icon.

  • Choose the video format

Next, Instagram allows you to choose between one of the images in your gallery, a photo or a video. You have to select one option.

If your video is already created, you can access it from the gallery. If you want to create it on the go, go to the “video” section. Once finished, you can upload videos to Instagram instantly.

  • Video editor on Instagram

Today, there is a whole legion of applications that serve as a video editor on Instagram to improve your appearance or you can download other videos with the help of instadownloaderpro and edit the video with editors

Videos with text

You can upload videos of your brand’s star moments or you can create authentic jewels if you dedicate a little more attention to them. As you undoubtedly know, the duration of the videos on Instagram that are published on your prole must be a maximum of 60 seconds. These videos can be the necessary claim to give your brand the push it needs

Videos on Instagram Stories:

The Instagram Stories arrived on August 2, 2016. Instagram Stories have established themselves as a way to share more spontaneous images and videos with your followers since their expiration period is 24 hours

If you want to use the video on Instagram Stories, you have many possibilities. You can access all of them by clicking on the camera icon that you will find in the upper left corner of your home feed

IGTV, the new addition:

The problem of video on Instagram was its time limitation, with the new television channels of Instagram; the door is opened to a greater extension. Of course, it is not a television experience to use, but to adapt it to the format and above all, to the mobile.

The videos you can post on IGTV have a maximum duration of 10 minutes, even up to an hour for large accounts, but this condition may change in the near future.

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