Create Your Unique Fifa Card With These 5 Small Steps

Create Your Unique Fifa Card With These 5 Small Steps

Pictures of football fans showing off their FIFA cards are all over the Internet today. In the modern world where digital is the first thing, why are these FIFA cards so popular? Yes, that zeal in football fans to play outside and show off their skills and numbers to their players is still alive. 

Having your own FIFA card on your wall is also a great feeling. It feels special to see your stats. Also, you have that motivation to do even better. 

If you are also a football fan, a FIFA card creator must be known to you. However, not everybody knows how to create these FIFA cards on point. 

Creating your own FIFA card

Once you decide to have your own personalized Card, you need to choose a FIFA card maker platform that gives you access to all the designs available in the market today. This article is for those who have decided to create a FIFA card and show it off among their friends.

These are the steps to follow when creating the perfect FIFA card for yourself. 

Picking from a plethora of designs

You’ve so many designs to choose from. Sometimes The choices can confuse you as the website mentions a number of different options. You might like one over the other but when you have hundreds of designs to choose from, you need to have your preferences in place already. Then, there is the color option in that design itself. Mostly the designs are inspired by the latest FIFA jerseys. If you are particularly a fan of one team, you can choose a similar theme. 

Style of FIFA card

FIFA cards come in different shapes and sizes. The next step for you is to choose a FIFA guard with the right shape and size. Bigger the card, the better it is. Some of the choices include metal, standard etc. FIFA cards. The shinier, the better. You might have played FIFA games, you can choose one of the styles from those games. 

Choose a photo to be printed on the FIFA card

Now comes the step where you have chosen the design and style of the FIFA card and you need to upload your picture. It’s better to have a picture of yourself while playing the game. Nothing better if you have a jersey of the same color as your card. Choosing a perfect photo might be difficult. Go through these steps to not make a mistake while uploading your picture.

  1. Your picture should be high-quality. The one you see on your phone screen doesn’t need high pixels because it’s not stretched out. However, on the card, the picture will be a bit stretched. 
  2. You should have your shoulder and head clearly visible in the picture. It should not be like a passport size pic but these things are necessary.
  3. It is better if you are alone in the picture without any busy background. It sets the focus on you and your card is more attractive this way. 

Pick your stats

Then it is time to pick the statistics you have achieved till now. It includes the number of goals, the number of assists, the number of defenses and a lot more.

How will you get it shipped?

Last but not least, the shipping options you have also need to be set in place once you are done designing your FIFA card. FIFA card makers asks you about the Shipping option to deliver it on your doorstep once the card is complete. 



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