Unusual wild ancestors of feral pigeons discovered living on British and Irish islands

Scientists led by members of Oxford University’s Division of Biology have located rare colonies of the wild ancestors of prevalent domestic and feral pigeons.

Currently extinct in England and Wales, the wild Rock Dove (Columba livia) has been uncovered on secluded Scottish and Irish islands, delivering insights into how the domestic pigeon came to be.

‘Feral’ pigeons originate from escaped domestic birds and can be observed in cities and towns all in excess of the globe. These domestic pigeons are descended from wild Rock Doves, who nest in sea caves and mountainous regions.

Regardless of the results of feral pigeons, the Rock Dove has been declining during its world wide range — which when encompassed large spots of Africa, Asia and Europe. College of Oxford DPhil university student and lead creator Will Smith stated: “Learning the decline of the Rock Dove has been complicated for researchers for the reason that of this kind of extensive interbreeding and alternative with feral pigeons.”

Rock Doves now persist in only modest, relict populations wherever feral pigeons have not nevertheless been capable to colonise. In point, because of to the interbreeding of feral pigeons and Rock Doves, and their ensuing hybrids, several ornithologists believe that that there are no really wild Rock Doves remaining. Nevertheless, there are prospective colonies in sure places, like, in Europe, the Faroe Islands, pieces of the Mediterranean and areas of Scotland and Eire.

The scientists researched populations of birds considered to be Rock Doves in Scotland and Ireland by analysing DNA to ascertain regardless of whether the birds were being definitely ‘wild’, and to estimate how substantially genetic affect from feral pigeons distinct wild populations had expert.

By way of a combination of expeditions and collaboration with British Rely on for Ornithology chook ringers, the study team caught equally feral pigeons and putative Rock Doves in areas like North Uist (Uibhist a Tuath) in the Outer Hebrides, Orkney, and Cape Obvious Island.

The group took feather samples from the birds for DNA analysis. By sequencing the pigeons’ DNA, they ended up ready to demonstrate the differences concerning feral pigeons and Rock Doves, and also measure the diploma of interbreeding between the two kinds of the species.

The results verified that the Rock Doves of the Uk and Eire descended from the undomesticated lineage from which all feral and domestic pigeons originate, with varying degrees of interbreeding. Rock Doves in Orkney have expert substantial interbreeding with feral pigeons and are at threat of receiving hybridised to the place of their extinction as a unique lineage. In distinction, Rock Doves in the Outer Hebrides continue to be almost totally free of feral pigeon affect.

“We determined feral pigeon ancestry in most of the Scottish and Irish Rock Dove populations we sampled, and there have been feral pigeons in Europe for hundreds of several years. It was therefore truly stunning to discover that the Outer Hebridean Rock Doves confirmed negligible signs of hybridisation,” stated Will Smith.

Having said that, feral pigeons have been documented on these islands with growing frequency, so it may possibly be that the distribution of wild Rock Doves in the Uk continues to shrink as a consequence.

Recording their distribution and genetic position will assistance to watch the remaining Rock Dove populations, and stimulate endeavours to comprehend possible relict populations elsewhere.

In the broader context of conservation, escalating knowing of ‘extinction by hybridisation’ will aid attempts to avoid lots of other plants and animals, this kind of as the Scottish wildcat, from undergoing the identical destiny as the Rock Dove.

The whole paper, Minimal domestic introgression in a ultimate refuge of the wild pigeon, is out there in iScience.

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