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Useful Tips for Wedding Photography You Must Know

wedding photography tips


Photography is an indispensible thing when it comes to wedding. Everyone wants to capture their golden moments in order to turn the pages of the album and think about them in solitude. It is therefore very much important to choose a wedding photographer who knows the tips and tricks of capturing different moments. If you are an amateur and have not been in wedding photography assignment for long, then you might need some wedding photography tips. In this article we discuss about some useful tips of wedding photography, which you can use during your assignment.

Make a list of shots:

This is one of the most helpful wedding photography tips. You need to compile a list by yourself, as to take photographs of whom. Go through the invitees as presented by the party and make a list of people whom you want to include in the frame with the newly married couple. From uncles to grandparents, none should be left out. This will be a great compilation of family shots.

Take one member to assist:

It will be a herculean task for you as a photographer to know each of the family members of both the party. It will be a good job if you take one member with you (irrespective of bride’s family or groom’s family) who can assist you. He/she can identify the family members so you can take shots of them. Otherwise, in the chaotic situation of the wedding, you might miss some family members.

Take a Recce of the Location:

If you are assigned for a pre wedding photo shoot, then it is important to go to the location of shoot and see all the pros and cons. You may also chalk out the challenges you might face while shooting at that place. This will help you to find some of the amazing shooting locations, where you can take some of the shots of the couple, and prepare your time for ‘test shots’.

Put off the Sound:

If you are using a digital camera, then it is advisable to switch off the sounds of your equipment. This will be a problem while the speeches and other important parts of the wedding are going on. This is why; you need to keep the sound off before the beginning of the programme.

Get Acquainted With the Couple:

Before starting your job in a wedding ceremony, it is very much important to show the to-be couple your style of work and discuss about their expectation and treatment of the shoot. The number of shots, the type of shooting and the agreement of the price of your service should be the main discussing point. This is a helpful wedding photography tips as it will help your work to be fast and comfortable.

Do not Miss Small Details:

The best way to showcase your photographic skills is to take all that is available in the ceremony. From the flower decoration, to the foods, to the simple smile and cheers of the bridesmaids, you can take a lot of small details that would go unnoticed in other’s eyes. You can enter new types of shots as well, which will look inspiring.


Now that you have gone through some of the important wedding photography tips, you can do your work with much more talent and much more detail. Follow these simple instructions and you will be miles ahead from your competitors and there is a chance that you will get more and more assignments in the days to come. Just prepare yourself and be ready.

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