Utilizing Hydrotherapy

Utilizing Hydrotherapy

You are most likely here because you are looking for a tangible solution that can lessen the amount of physical pain that is affecting an area of your body. Whether it be joint, muscle, or tendon pain, we are pleased to inform you that utilizing hydrotherapy can provide you with positive results.

Lack of mobility can bring pain and discomfort, but what it ultimately means is that your quality of life is decreasing as well. This pattern can become a downward spiral difficult to control, if you choose to not act upon it. We encourage you to accompany us throughout this informational piece, detailing why Hydrotherapy treatment in Pompano Beach can be useful for you. 

Causes of pain: Several factors can cause discomfort in your joints or muscles. However, most are triggered by either age or strenuous activity. 

Age related indicators mean that as we get older, our body has taken physical tolls. Joints become worn down as the years by. They may become weaker and will begin to fail us when we try to perform the simplest of tasks. When we demand our joints or muscles to act beyond their capacity at an older age, that is where the pain comes in. Nerve compression, inflammation and weak joint capacity can lead to conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and muscle spasms. As we get older, it is important to care for our bodies and recognize our new limits. 

Strenuous activity is an everyday reality affecting hard working people or athletes. This contrasts age related indicators which appear over time, as strenuous activity inflicts an immediate physical grievance on the body. Muscle injuries, pulled tendons, or sprained joints are injuries that will need a specific set of therapy within the recuperation period. 

Enter Hydrotherapy

All of the above mentioned ailments can be treated with Hydrotherapy. This practice uses water to treat these conditions in the form of gentle exercise within a pool of water. The water temperature is always kept between 33 to 36 degrees Celsius to relax muscles and joints, facilitating the ability to move around. A trained Brisbane physiotherapist will help you throughout your session and will instruct you on the necessary exercises to release pressure or tension within the affected areas.

Hydrotherapy can thus be utilized because it helps patients attain a sense of relief. Therefore, hydrotherapy is effective because: 

  • Heated water allows your muscles to relax and eases the pain within your joints, helping you exercise better.
  • Water supports your weight, which helps to reduce pain and increase the range of mobility of your joints.
  • Water can be used to provide resistance to moving your joints. By pushing your arms and legs against the water, you can also improve your muscle strength. 

Studies have shown that these sessions can increase strength and general fitness in people that unfortunately suffer varieties of arthritis. The exercises can be programmed to your specific needs, so that you can begin to slowly and in time replenish up your strength and flexibility.

Now that you are more educated on the benefits of choosing hydrotherapy, we hope that you will make the right decision in choosing hydrotherapy treatment in Pompano Beach. Hydrotherapy is safe, effective, and even fun. What are you waiting for? Get back to your old self right away.

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