5 Amazing Ideas To Pamper Yourself For An Astounding Virtual House Party Look

5 Amazing Ideas To Pamper Yourself For An Astounding Virtual House Party Look

Following the social distancing guidelines, we have somewhat accustomed ourselves to the ‘New Normal’ – staying at home, avoiding public spaces, going out with masks only when necessary. However, following social distancing norms doesn’t mean that we miss out on having fun.

The New Normal has given rise to several inventive solutions that help us stay sane and enjoy the company of our beloveds, even while staying indoors – one of which is virtual house parties!

Hosting a virtual house party is simple – you decide on a strong visual theme and work towards creating an event that inspireseveryone who’s attending. You can include fun, quirky games, or enjoy music and dinner together.

Virtual House Parties Is The New Trend

Yes, you can now host and attend virtual parties if you have started to miss your friends a bit too much. While you are on it, take some time away and pamper yourself before the party. 

To help, here are five amazing ideas that will enable you to create the perfect virtual house party look as you get ready for a night full of mirth and frolicking. 

  • Wear Your Favourite Outfit

Staying in at home has made pyjamas and t-shirt our go-to outfit. Think of all the summer dresses you wanted to wear. You can also make your own t-shirt online with your favorite pop design that makes you look cool and show them off at your virtual house party.

  • Take the Afternoon Off 

Nothing speaks more of pampering than taking an afternoon nap. While you may be working from home for the past few months and might’ve forgotten what it’s like to stay at home and chill, its time you give your body some much-needed rest. 

Right before you throw yourself into yourvirtual house party preparations, find some time for yourself. Maybe make yourself a cup of Matchatea, and play one of your all-time favourite comedies. It’s true that you are only limited by your imagination on how to spend it! 

  • Get Some Shopping Done

Every party demand supplies – be it your regular or virtual house party. You can make sure you have all the necessary supplies, such as snacks and drinks by ordering them online. Remember to thoroughly sanitise your supplies with a disinfectant spray when they get delivered to ensure you are safe. 

Similarly, a few days before the party, you can shop for beauty essentials so that you look your best for the party. You can buy a new lipstick or nail polish, reach out to an offline contact lenses store and look at some coloured contact lensesto surprise your besties later. 

  • Self-Pamper Session

You may have forgotten how your favourite salon looked like during the lonely months of lockdown. With the country slowly opening up for business, maybe the time is apt to book yourself a home spa session or give yourself an at-home pedicure and manicure session.

Either way – before you join your besties for a virtual house party over any video conferencing app, you can enjoy a glass of wine, while wearing your favourite face or hair mask, so that your body and mind may rejuvenate itself after a week of hard work. Looking gorgeous would just be a bonus!

  • Cook a Lavish Meal

With the lockdown in force and plenty of time to kill, many of us must’ve tried our hands at replicating those MasterChef-worthy recipes. Regardless, when it comes to self-love, it is hard to beat a well-cooked home meal that you made yourself. 

You can take on the role of being the chef for the day and cook yourself a meal that you’ve long been craving for! If you get stuck, no need to worry – you can always look up various recipe videos online.

So, bring out your favourite clothes, dress-up, do your hair, and maybe put on some earrings. Looking good, makes you feel good. So, dress up in your favourite outfit and just let yourself enjoy it!

Trendy Eyes Make Up Ideas For A Virtual Party

Before you go on to put any eye makeup, how about you match up your look for the evening with coloured contact lenses? 

Popular coloured lenses from reputable brands such as Bausch+Lomb Lacelle series allow you to amp-up your house party in a blink of an eye, literally! All you have to do is select the right shade of coloured eye contact lenses to go with your makeup for the night, and you’re good to go. 

Bausch+Lomb’s coloured contact lenses, Lacelle, offer you comfortable wear, so you can party long and keep being glamourous. Although, before you make any decision, it is advised you consult with your optometrist about coloured contact lenses.

Once, you have your choiceof coloured contact lenses in place, you can move on to accentuate your eyes with some light makeup, or go for a no-makeup rule to carry the minimalist vibe. Whether you choose blue, green, brown, or grey, your virtual party is going to get colourful!

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