Wardrobe Formula: How to Spend Less Money on Clothes?

Wardrobe Formula: How to Spend Less Money on Clothes?

Women spend a lot of money on clothes, but still periodically ask themselves: “What to wear?” A banal problem – there is no more room in the closet, but there is still nothing to wear. It arises due to the fact that most of the purchases by women are made emotionally – they like the thing, they buy it, and then suddenly it turns out that there is nothing to wear it with. And now dozens of clothing items take their places in the closet, hoping that someday they will come in handy, and you have to go to work in an orderly boring suit. 

Along with this, there is another problem – a lot of funds from the family budget are spent on clothes. Can you save money while dressing stylishly and varied? Quite, but for this you need to think over your purchases correctly.

First of all, you need to determine what type of dress code entered at work belongs to. It can be tough, free (business style + casual) and free (in a creative space) where you can also wear party jumpsuits for women. Based on this, we compose a basic set of things.

For a tough dress code

There are quite strict restrictions on the type of things, colors and styles. For a basic wardrobe, choose here:

  • Suit (jacket + pants, jacket + skirt);
  • Regular cut shirts;
  • lace jumpsuits for women
  • Simple top (tops, long sleeves without decor);
  • Dresses (case style);
  • Classic pumps.

It is rather difficult to act within the established framework, but it is still possible. Firstly, if the color is limited, you can play with fabrics. So, for example, shirts can be silk, chiffon, satin – with a simple cut, the texture of the material will attract attention and make the image deeper.

Along with this, you can pay attention to things with a rather complex cut. For example, asymmetrical shirts or trousers with cuffs. Visually, the models do not go beyond the dress code, but they look much more interesting than the standard models.

Free business style

If the dress code at work is conservative enough, there are many more options for expressing your style. At the same time, it is enough to pick up a number of basic things to look new every day:

  • 2-3 pairs of trousers of different cuts and colors – stylists recommend choosing classic straight models and one model to choose from. Nowadays, wide trousers are relevant, which look good on all types of figures, or narrowed with a length of 7/8, with which you can make a large number of sets;
  • Sheath dress in bright color – it should not be too “acidic” shade. In this style, deep blue, coral or emerald will look good. Such a dress sits beautifully on the figure and can be combined with jackets, sweaters, vests;
  • 2 skirts – pencil and tulip style. Just two skirts will help you create radically different looks. From the first – strict, stylish, elegant, from the second – soft, delicate feminine;
  • 2 jackets of different cuts and colors. This is another base that allows you to change the look beyond recognition. There are many options for combining jackets – with a skirt, trousers, dress, jeans – for any occasion;
  • Several sweaters, tops, blouses, shirts – they must be chosen so that each top model is combined with at least 2-3 available bottom options. In this case, it will be possible to spend less on clothes, and the number of images obtained will remain large enough.

Speaking about the absence of a dress code, many believe that in this case, you can dress as you like for work. But this is not the case. To earn the status of a high-level specialist, in this case, you need to follow a number of rules:

  • Do not wear too open, short, provocative things;
  • First of all, the clothes should be comfortable – you should not choose tight blouses, in which it is inconvenient to move or breathe;
  • Experiment with new things by adding clothes like summer jumpsuits for women, formal blazers, etc. in your wardrobe. 
  • Don’t use too many accessories to look like a Christmas tree.

To put together a wardrobe and spend a minimum of money, you can stick to the same plan as in a free business style. Only in this case, you can choose brighter things, clothes with an unusual cut and non-standard materials (leather, velvet, velor).

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