5 Top Ways to Consume CBD | Ways & Benefits

5 Top Ways to Consume CBD - Ways & Benefits

With the increased number of health issues also increases the number of solutions for those who need to maintain inner balance, relieve stress, nourish the skin, achieve better sleep and so on. The healthcare and wellness industry constantly develops various products.

And since most pharmaceutical medications have many side effects and more people start taking care of their overall health, scientists provide many more safe and natural options. One of the hottest trends in the wellness industry now is cannabidiol (CBD). And with the immense popularity of this compound, wellness brands made it possible for every customer to find the best supplement for them.

However, there are so many CBD products now, so it could be challenging for some consumers to find what suits them. Every supplement has its own benefits, uses and disadvantages, so we created this guide to help you explore the top ways of treating your body with CBD.

What is CBD & How Does it Work?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a natural cannabinoid found in hemp plants. While CBD also exists in marijuana, manufacturers extract it from industrial hemp strains that are high in CBD and low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is an infamous psychoactive cannabinoid that is known for the high sensation associated with marijuana smoking.

CBD does not possess any of THC’s properties and has also been shown to be beneficial for overall wellness. Scientists believe that CBD can indirectly interfere with special receptors found in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is one of the main systems in our bodies that are responsible for keeping our body in balance by checking how most vital bodily functions work. Therefore, CBD may help promote homeostasis in the body and mind once consumed or applied to the skin, improving your overall wellness.

Even though there are many claims that cannabidiol may help with different health issues, more scientific research is needed to support any claims.

5 Best Ways to Consume CBD

CBD Pouches

Among numerous ways of consuming CBD, CBD pouches are one of the newest and most convenient options for both beginners and experienced consumers. Cannabis chew represents a small fibre bag that contains CBD and sometimes other nutrients depending on the manufacturer and the goal of the product.

This chew should be placed between the inner lips and gums. Even though CBD pouches are free from tobacco and nicotine, they share similarities with chewing tobacco bags. Since they are placed in the mouth, active compounds can also quickly absorb through blood vessels and deliver almost immediate and long-lasting effects.

In addition, they come in various flavours that not only will not affect the breath but also provide higher satisfaction. Since they come with an accurate dose of CBD, hemp dip offers the ultimate convenience in dosing and makes consumption quick, easy and effortless.

Place Drops Under the Tongue

Placing an oil under the tongue is one of the most prominent ways to get CBD into the body. This method is well-recognised for its high absorption rate and is one of the most popular methods. This is because when drops are applied underneath the tongue, active compounds quickly absorb through tiny capillaries in the mouth. Therefore, CBD doesn’t need to go through your digestive tract and enters the bloodstream faster, providing a high bioavailability of up to 35%.

However, this way is not preferred among newcomers, as it can be tricky for them to learn how to count drops. In addition, natural CBD oil has a hempy, woody aftertaste that affects the breath. There are also flavoured options, like mint or berries.

Eat It or Drink It

In contrast to cannabis dip, oral products (food and drinks) have lower bioavailability. They should be consumed just like any other food or drink as they come in various forms, like chocolate, protein shakes, cookies and more. Even though they can also be found in the form of powders or liquids that are added to food, the working mechanism is the same.

Once CBD enters the body, it should be first metabolised by the liver and digestion. This takes time, so don’t expect quick positive effects. However, the same happens with the duration of the effect, allowing consumers to enjoy the effect for longer. In addition, CBD food and drinks are highly convenient and look like a regular meal. 

Apply It On

Topical CBD products are one of the most popular methods among professional athletes and those who are looking for more safe and natural topics to add to the skincare routine. Topicals should be applied to the skin and are available in the form of a lotion, salve, cream and more.

Even though they still may help promote homeostasis, they are more effective when applied to the specific aching area. Since they are usually packed with various extra ingredients, they may help reduce pain or nourish the skin. The highly targeted effect is one of the key benefits of CBD topicals. 

Soak It In

Finally, soaking in CBD supplements can become an excellent choice for anyone who wants to relax and unwind after a tedious day at work. For instance, CBD bath bombs have been shown to both calm the mind and relieve body tension. Since they come in essential oils, users can also inhale aromatic molecules that can boost the mood, promote sleep or energise (depending on the essential oil blend).

One of the main benefits of CBD bath bombs is combining CBD’s properties with other natural ingredients. This contributes to a more potent effect and allows users to treat the body with various nutrients. CBD bath bombs or scrabs can become a great addition to your self-care ritual, improving well-being and skin health as well.

Bottom Line

CBD is now a trend in the wellness sphere. This is why manufacturers provide a vast range of CBD supplements that could confuse newcomers and those trying to find the golden card for their wellness routine. This guide shows you the best ways you can add CBD to your well-being regimen. 

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