6 Alternative Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

6 Alternative Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

It’s getting to that time of year when couples begin to find other things to do, hobbies and work take over, and couple time takes a bit of a back seat.

If you feel like your relationship is suffering, you may be thinking about ways to spice up your love life and get that spark back between the sheets again.

Bringing Sexy Back

Adding a spark back into your love life can do wonders for your relationship, and couples who have a healthy regular sex life are more likely to stay together for longer as a stronger unit.

Invite A Third

This tip isn’t for everyone, but exploring each other’s fantasies with a third party is a really popular choice for more adventurous couples.

Instead of inviting a third party that you both know, why not go for a professional who will be able to help make your fantasies a reality? Check out websites like Perth Escorts for professional services. 

Try Out Some Bondage

Feel a bit like going all Christian Grey and Anastasia with your partner? 

The popularity of gentle bondage and BDSM has exploded in recent years, so dig out those handcuffs and dust off that leather paddle for a night of pleasure/pain edging!

Give Some Roleplay A Go

Confining everything to the bedroom can make your love life feel a bit mundane and repetitive, which is why taking it out of the bedroom could be just the ticket!

Head out to a hotel or an AirBnB and play out your fantasies, and get into it properly to really bring back the excitement to your love life.

Make A Movie

Have you ever fancied starring in your own porn movie? Break out the lights and the cameras and make your own intimate movie with your partner.

A big caveat for this one, if you’re in a new relationship or don’t trust your partner, make sure you delete the movie as soon as you’ve watched it back, so that it remains private.

Try Some New Positions

For some couples, things can get a bit repetitive if you’re always trying the same positions, but switching it up a bit can really bring up the heat.

Discuss with your partner what you’re comfortable with and what you’d like to try, consider you and your partner’s flexibility and comfort levels when trying out new positions, and don’t forget to communicate!

Trying new things in the bedroom can be challenging but great fun when you’re both on the same page. Being on all fours allows for deeper penetration which can be great for the partner on the bottom or uncomfortable if the partner behind is rather well endowed, for example.

Add-In Some Food

Is your partner rather delicious-looking? Add into the excitement by bringing some food into the bedroom too! 

There’s nothing like a bit of cream between the sheets or the sweet taste of fruits licked off of body parts to alert all of the senses during your nighttime lovemaking sessions.

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