Wearing Glasses during Sports? Here’s What You Should Know

Wearing Glasses during Sports? Here's What You Should Know

Do you wear glasses? Well, glasses are a great way to see the world. They allow you to see things that other people miss, or that you wouldn’t have previously seen. Even more, they protect your eyes from the sun and enhance your vision. 

But are they safe to wear during sports? Here is what you should know about wearing glasses during sports.

Keep Your Glasses Safe

You may not be aware of it, but you wear your glasses every day. That doesn’t mean they are safe during everyday activities. There are times when your glasses can get in the way. 

Whether you hit your head or fall over, your glasses could get broken or get your eyes hurt. Keep your glasses safe by putting them in a place where they can’t get broken or damaged while you are playing sports or at school.

Get Prescription Glasses for Sports

Wearing your glasses during sports can be dangerous. If you wear these lenses, you may get them in your eyes. This can cause serious eye injuries if they get in your eye while playing sports or while doing other activities. 

Instead of wearing regular glass lenses, consider getting prescription sports glasses. These are safer to wear while playing sports and don’t cause eye problems.

Use Smaller Frames for Sports

If your frames are too large for certain sports, it wouldn’t be smart to wear them during those types of activities because they will take up too much space and could hinder the movement of other players on the field during games of basketball or volleyball for example. 

Smaller frames are considered better than larger ones when it comes to sports because they don’t hinder the movement of other players. Wear your glasses while playing sports, but try not to wear larger frames that might get in the way during the game action.

Consider Wearing Contacts While Playing Sports

If you have eye contact lenses, you could wear them and play sports with no issue. If you are wearing index cards or soft contacts (softer than an eyelash), it shouldn’t be much of a problem when playing sports like basketball as long as your vision is correct and clear.

However, if you have hard contact lenses (similar to eyeglasses), they could get damaged if your eyes rub too much against each other when playing sports like soccer or baseball. Much your sunglasses with your baseball shirt.

Choose the Right Game Mode

Sports should always be treated like a serious activity. This is because you can get injured easily if you are not careful about your body and well-being during these activities. If you must engage, avoid rough games and setups as they could potentially harm your eyes.

Wear Sunglasses

If you have prescription glasses or sunglasses, it should be okay to wear them in most sports. There are a few exceptions: baseball, softball, and other sports with a lot of running. Take caution if you want to wear a pair of prescription sunglasses while playing sports since they might not be any good for long-term use. 

For example, wearing sunglasses while running on the track can cause damage to the lens due to sweat or tear and improper cleaning (and no matter how good your cleaning routine is).

Visit Your Eye Doctor after Intense Sports Activities or in Case of Discomfort

If you wear contacts or glasses, your eye doctor can replace damaged contacts or glasses that you may damage during a very intense sports game. A damaged pair of contacts or glasses could cause a minor loss in vision or conjunctiva irritation. 

The conjunctiva is the white part of your eye that connects the inside of your eyelid to the eyeball and harming it could potentially cause blindness.

Stop Playing Sports Immediately if You Experience Any Eye Problems after Playing

It can be difficult to know if any problems with your eyes stem from playing sports. However, there are a few things you can check to know. If you experienced pain in the eyes (such as redness or tears) after playing a very intense sport game for a few hours, take it easy and stop playing sports until you have time to rest and heal up. 

Head straight to the optician’s office and let them help and advise you on how to handle the condition.


Wearing glasses during sports can have a few benefits such as increasing visibility and protecting your eyes from natural elements such as dust, dirt, and excessive sunlight. However, you must be very careful as they can hurt you. To protect yourself and stay safer in the field, you must get a prescription for sports glasses. They are activity-friendly and won’t compromise your vision.

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