‘Westworld’: A Simple Guidebook to What’s Going On Before Year 4

‘Westworld’: A Simple Guidebook to What’s Going On Before Year 4


Have you started off the new time of HBO’s Westworld and found you have no plan what every character is doing? What is it they’re immediately after? It won’t enable that the past main character — Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) — now seems to be a completely unique human being. A human, not a host from the notorious Westworld topic park.

At the very least some of that can be defined by the ending of season 3. Let us dive into anything that took place and get you back on-line.

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Aaron Paul in Westworld

Aaron Paul joined the Westworld solid in season 3.


Caleb (Aaron Paul) joined the solid

The third season released us to Caleb Nichols (Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul), a war veteran who’s haunted by a memory of shedding his buddy, Francis, in fight. In episode 1, we realized he’s a building worker and low-degree criminal who can take positions by an application. When he met Dolores, he joined her on her mission.

Inevitably, we discovered out that Caleb is regarded as to be an “outlier” by a device referred to as Solomon and its successor, Rehoboam. Mainly because of this position, he underwent reconditioning therapy, a “procedure” that altered his reminiscences. It was “powerful,” according to Solomon, and Caleb was permitted to re-enter society. Not absolutely everyone was so fortunate (additional on that in the “pods” part).

It’s unveiled that Caleb and Francis (played by rapper Child Cudi) both survived the war, and that Caleb was the a person who killed Francis. Solomon provided each individual of them money to choose out the other, and Francis turned on Caleb, forcing Caleb to shoot him. A different twist is that the crime app, Rico, was made so that outliers like Caleb would spherical up other outliers.

Thandiwe Newton wears a white dress as Maeve in westworld

Maeve is back.


Maeve and Caleb are operating alongside one another

Maeve reluctantly teamed up with a new character named Engerraund Serac in year 3 following Serac explained to her that the important to the Elegant — the place Maeve’s daughter exists — is in Dolores’ intellect. Serac is a trillionaire who established Rehoboam with his brother, Jean Mi, and came to serve as a mouthpiece for Rehoboam. Serac and Rehoboam needed the trove of visitor info collected by Delos Included, and they thought the important to it was also in Dolores’ brain.

In the season 3 finale, Maeve switched sides at a very important moment and served Dolores and Caleb. She reported she understood why Dolores “chose” Caleb to support her — not for the reason that of his ability for violence, but due to the fact of his potential to select. Dolores remaining it up to Caleb to come to a decision the long term. He informed Rehoboam to “execute the final command” — putting a new method Solomon gave him into play — and brought about the apocalypse. More facts on that significant transfer down below.

Aaron Paul and Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld

In the 3rd episode of Westworld, Caleb and Dolores get to know each and every other improved.


Dolores is no additional-es. Effectively, perhaps

In the period 3 finale, Rehoboam wrecked Delores’ recollections in an endeavor to discover the essential to the aforementioned Delos data. It was not there. It sure appears like Dolores as we know her may well be long gone for very good, but with this exhibit, I’m not ruling any possibility out.

‘Charlotte Hale’ is developing hosts

It can be not the finish for this Dolores copy. Time 3 verified that Dolores made copies of herself (the “self” that exists in her peal, or regulate unit) and stuck them into the bodies of Charlotte, Musashi, Martin and Lawrence. Pseudo-Charlotte helped Dolores by impersonating Hale, but she was eventually found out, and it price her. The final time we noticed new Charlotte, it was in the finale’s write-up-credit rating scene, when she was joined by a host model of William and appeared to be developing far more hosts.

Tessa Thompson stands in front of a large futuristic building

Charlotte Hale (or a host edition of her) arriving at Delos HQ.


Host William has replaced William

Year 3 was a doozy for William. He experienced hallucinations of the daughter he murdered, was tricked by the new model of Charlotte and endured some unconventional futuristic treatment. When he emerged from all of that, William declared that his “authentic sin” was making hosts, and he was heading to wipe out all of them. However, in the finale’s post-credit scene, William was fatally wounded by another model of himself — a single who solutions to fake Charlotte.

A bunch of individuals are however in people unusual pods

Solomon uncovered in episode 7 that the procedure provided to Caleb only works on one particular in 10 people. So what happens to every person else? Seemingly, they get put to rest in pods, exactly where they “usually are not even authorized to reside or die,” as Caleb put it. In episode 7, we noticed what seems to be like hundreds of the eerie, grey, human-sized containers.

Caleb ushered in… the apocalypse

So back again to that total apocalypse factor. When Caleb produced his ultimate go in the period 3 finale, he says he is accomplishing it to give the environment a alternative, like Dolores did for him. The clearly show shifts to Bernard, who drop some a lot-desired mild on Dolores’ intentions, and the outcomes of Caleb’s go: “She was not trying to exterminate the human race. She was seeking to help you save it,” Bernard stated. “What’s about to come about was generally gonna occur. Serac and his brother were just holding it off. Humanity under no circumstances reckoned with its personal sins.” He included: “Our entire world experienced to burn off down just before we could be free.”

So the reckoning is now. Stubbs, who was with Bernard in that scene, identified as it the apocalypse, and Bernard failed to right him. At the stop of the finale (before the put up-credits), we see Caleb and Maeve hunting out at some skyscrapers, which are shaken by explosions.

Jeffrey Wright in the Westworld finale

Bernard, performed by Jeffrey Wright.


Bernard is headed into the Sublime

Bernard, not Delores, has the important to the Sublime, the place occupied by hosts which includes Maeve’s daughter. In the time 3 finale, Bernard used it, asserting that he was looking for an reply to what comes right after the finish of the environment.

We might see Engerraund Serac’s brother, Jean Mi in time 4

We saw Jean Mi in time 3 flashbacks, and it is implied he was sitting down in 1 of the pods we observed in the penultimate episode. In the period 3 finale, Engerraund basically admitted he podded (pod-ded?) his brother, less than recommendations from Rehoboam. Maybe we will see him when extra when the show addresses those chilling capsules yet again?

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