What are the best video slots based on movies?

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Who doesn’t love the movies? They provide us with so much joy and excitement in our lives for a number of different reasons, and they’re always there when we need them. For fans of slot games, this excitement can be taken one step further, with the help of film-themed no deposit free slots games.

In case you didn’t already know, movie-themed slots are a big business! There are loads of awesome slots out there that are based on films, and they can be amongst the most fun slot games to play online. Here are a few of our favourites.


This old-school slot is actually one of the first movie-themed slots and even though so much time has passed since it was developed, it is still a top slot game to play. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that you can win 2000x your stake thanks to Maximus wins.

The Dark Knight

A lot of people would say that this particular Batman movie is the best one ever made, and some would even go so far as to say that it is the best superhero film ever. It’s a big claim, but it is certainly an awesome flick.

Fortunately, the slot version of the film is great too. Okay, it’s not quite as exciting as the movie, but the fact that you can win £1,000,000 from a single spin means that it is not far off!

TED Megaways

If you’re looking for something really silly in a slot game, perhaps you would be interested in the slot version of the ridiculous Seth McFarlane movie TED. The film follows the story of a very crude teddy bear who gets up to all kinds of antics, and the slot game continues that silliness.

It gets better. TED Megaways uses the Megaways engine which means that there are up to 117,649 ways to win on any single spin. That is something to be excited about.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Things are about to get a little spooky as we take a trip down the infamous Elm Street, the setting of the classic 70s movie Nightmare on Elm Street. This was one of the scariest films in the world when it first came out, and while it may look a little dated now, it is a legendary flick!

Well, what about the slot? Despite an annoyingly low RTP of 94.87%, it’s quite a lot of fun! Just make sure you don’t play it too late at night…


We love the novelty of Microgaming’s Bridesmaids slot. The noughties cheesiness really shines through in the way that the slot has been designed. It’s fair to say that anyone who was a fan of the original Bridesmaids film (which is a lot of people, apparently!) will like this slot.

What makes the Bridesmaid slot even better is the fact that it was developed by Microgaming, one of the best slot game providers in the world. You know that when you see a Microgaming slot, it’s going to be a good one!

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