What is it Like to Eat MREs?

eat mres

Ever thought of consuming a ready-to-eat meal at some point? Well, there are several opinions concerning these types of food. Some favor it, while others dislike using the delicacy. Such food has a similar taste to canned food, and you may choose to have them for several occasions per week.

You need no cooking for meals ready-to-eat, as they are produced to be consumed directly, retaining their taste and nutrients for a long period unlike freeze-dried or dehydrated food, which requires water to prepare. It is durable even when subjected to the harshest weather conditions. Such meals are suitable for use while camping, hunting, backpacking, fishing, and boating.

Why Meals Ready-to-Eat Are Necessary

You can consider MRE, as a short-term food reserve that takes between one to three years. Alternatively, you can consider it for emergency preparedness such as earthquake, hurricane, terrorist attack, or emergency. 

One of the benefits of such a meal is that it is ideal for emergence sessions. It is a complete meal that offers comprehensive nutrition since there are different varieties for you to select. Even so, it comes in several flavors to make it appealing to different personalities.

Another benefit is that it does not require cooking. Such features make such meals suitable for use when responding to an emergence session. In other words, you don’t need a camping stove to prepare such foods.

Meal ready-to-eat has a longer shelf-life under the right conditions. They can last for a long while still edible when you expose them to correct conditions. As such, they can be better alternatives when making healthy choices. For instance, some may last for five years at 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Truthfully, such meals come in several flavors to suit your preferences. They manifest in different flavors to overcome boredom. This means that you have an option to opt for the right flavor and overcome monotony.

Meal ready-to-eat food is a suitable item for survival in a situation that needs urgent measures. For instance, several people depended on such food in some nations when the Covid 19 pandemic hit hard since the food supply channel became low. They become valuable conveniences during a crisis.

Last but not least, they are lightweight and portable. Such food comes in simple packages as low as one pound; hence it does not burden the consumer concerning portability. You can carry such foods over a longer distance and time.

Limitations of MREs

While such meals have a great potential of saving lives during emergence sessions, they come with several downsides that one must not overlook to stay healthy. First off, they are more expensive than regular food. 

Meal, ready-to-eat are more costly components than your daily food. A package may cost several dollars above the normal price range of standard food. Nevertheless, that could not be a key disadvantage considering that they are better alternatives during emergencies. 

Another aspect worth mentioning is that they are full of excessive ingredients. Such food has excess sodium with a pretty high amount of sugar and fats. As such, we cannot consider these meals as healthy eating options over a prolonged period. We only recommend them during an unavoidable crisis for a short duration. Whenever other regular foods are present, it is reasonable to go for them.

Some have an unpleasant Taste. Although many people prefer using Meal, ready-to-eat food, some people do not. The reason is that preserved food does not have a similar taste to that of fresh ones. We cannot deny that some preserved foods have better taste than others; however, their taste is not comparable to fresh ones. Beginners find eating preserved food dreadful for similar reasons.

Again, they have side effects. Commonly, these preserved meals cause constipation. One key reason for constipation is that such meals lack fibers, an important ingredient in your body to facilitate normal bodily processes.

Still, they lack much water content. Fresh food like vegetables has plenty of water in its composition. Such food with high water content is essential for good health. Packaged food has close to no water content in it. They are dry, and one should only mixt water manually. Lack of water makes them unhealthy when taken for a longer period.

How to Overcome The Effects Of Packaged Food On Your Body

Meal ready-to-eat food is a majorly better option during military training when there are no other options. Many buy them for better disaster management. However, have you thought of overcoming their side effects on your body? Well, it calls for better eating habits. 

You can use them lightly for a few days in a row. The right standard is to avoid eating them for more than 21 days in a row.

It is vital to proceed with the ready-to-eat Meal option with caution since excessive use may procure different diseases like diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and cancer.

The best eating practice is to water such meals down with fresh ingredients like fruits or vegetables. Another habit is to consume them with vitamin and fiber supplements. Such a combination assists in filling nutritional deficiencies that come along with such actions. Supplementing it with fiber content does wonder in your digestive tract.

Where to buy MREs?

Such meals are available in the military, although a civilian version is legal to buy and sell. You can find them in several online stores where you place an order and get them delivered to you. 

Meals Ready-To-Eat or Not? 

It goes without question that meal ready-to-eat is increasingly becoming a popular way to handle your health during emergence periods. It is healthy to eat such food as long as it is not frequent. One greatest benefit of such meals is that one does not need preparation for cooking before consuming them. Additionally, they have a longer shelf-life.

It would help if you got prepared to have a food reserve when disaster knocks. One way of handling such challenges is buying ready-to-eat meal food. It is easy to transport if you are to evacuate your residence immediately. Also, you can consume them while hot or cold from the pouch. This pre-cooked meal saves time to attend to other urgent matters with ease.

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