What is jogger’s nipple and how can you steer clear of it?

What is jogger’s nipple and how can you steer clear of it?


What is jogger’s nipple? This may well seem like the commence of a cheesy joke, but it’s essentially a unpleasant affliction that is the consequence of chafing of one particular or both of those nipples. It can occur to men and females through exercising, commonly on a lengthy-distance run where by there is extended friction concerning the nipples and outfits.

For women, picking out the ideal sporting activities bras for running (opens in new tab) can help, though there are other tips you can consider in get to prevent it – which we’ll reveal a lot more about in this write-up.

What is jogger’s nipple?

“Jogger’s nipple is chafing that transpires when the nipple or nipples rub repeatedly from a bra or apparel,” says sports physiotherapist and triathlete Claire Fitzpatrick from Fitz & Physio (opens in new tab).

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“This repeated friction triggers distressing chafing that can be sore. It has an effect on guys and girls and really hurts! Some nipples are much more delicate and as a result far more prone to it. Jogger’s nipple can take place all situations of the yr. In winter the cold may possibly make nipples much more erect, which would make the condition extra probably to occur, and in summer the further sweating from the heat can also make issues even worse,” she suggests.

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