What Leads To A Smelly Penis? | Causes and Treatments

What Leads To A Smelly Penis,Causes and Treatments

Penile hygiene is often ignored by men, which might lead to foul-smelling genitalia. Although most of the time, it is nothing serious and can be prevented by inculcating a few hygiene practices like using an intimate wash for men. There are many benefits of intimate wash for men. Sometimes it may be indicative of some underlying complications. Thus, it is imperative to know the causes behind a smelly penis if you have one. 

Let’s admit it, penises are not meant to smell like flowers and exotic essences, but at the same time, they should not smell like they have not been looked after. However, it is very easy to maintain sexual health and hygiene. We shall come to that in the course of our article. 


Several causes can lead to a smelly penis. Some of them are as follows: 


Smegma is a condition that happens when oils, moisture, and skin cells are accumulated around the penis’s shaft. It happens mostly to uncircumcised men when they sweat a lot or do not wash their penis regularly. This creates white chunks that can elevate bacteria growth in your penis. 

Using intimate wash for men regularly can keep this bacteria at bay, leaving you with a neutral smell. 


Urinary Tract infections cause your urinary tract to become infected by either a virus or bacteria. This infection can be caused by several reasons such as sexual activity, kidney stones, diabetes, urinary retention, etc. It makes your penis smell foul and fishy. 

It is often accompanied by other symptoms such as: 

  • Frequent peeing 
  • Burning sensation while you pee
  • Pink or cloudy urine

If you see such symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. And as said, a smelly penis may be a sign of an underlying disease that needs to be attended to. 

Poor Hygiene 

Poor hygiene is the most common cause of a foul-smelling penis. Often, men do not pay much attention to their intimate areas. But one must understand that a penis sweats and accumulates a lot of it, for it is constantly covered in clothes. Your tight underwear makes it more difficult for the intimate areas to breathe. 

To top that, pubic hair can also trap some sweat which again adds to the smell generating from your privates. Simple tricks like taking a bath regularly, using an intimate wash for men, etc., can help you keep the smell away. 

Like all the other parts, your private area also needs some love and care, and you cannot leave it untended. 


Gonorrhea is an STI which means it can be transmitted if you have sex (both vaginal and anal) with an infected person or have even come in contact with their mouth. It is generally accompanied by certain discharges from your penis and also some amount of soreness. It can be dangerous if not treated. If you see these symptoms, call your health provider. 


Above enumerated are the common causes of a smelly penis. These can be treated if you are careful. 

Maintain Penile Hygiene

We cannot stress enough the importance of treating your penis well. Take daily baths and while you do so, tend to your penis. If you have a foreskin, hold it back and clean the head of your penis, which otherwise remains hidden. You can use a jet spray to reach the inner parts. 

Wash your penis immediately after sex. Lubricants and bodily fluids can get stuck in your penis, inviting bacterias. Remember to use a mild washing agent for you do not want to upset the pH level.

Wash your underwear every day. Try wearing plain cotton underwear. Avoid wearing them at night.

Monitor Symptoms and Seek Professional Help

Most of your worries should go away with the help of an intimate wash for men and basic hygienic practices. But despite these efforts, if the smell persists along with other symptoms, you must seek the help and advice of your doctor. It could be infected severely.

Intimate Wash is Your Best Friend

Men often avoid buying different products for themselves as they think it is feminine. But an intimate wash for men is far from being a luxury product. It is a necessity. Just like you do not wear underwear made of the same material as your suit, you must not wash your intimates with the same soap you cleanse your body.

Keep separate soaps for your body and your intimates. 

 There are several benefits of intimate wash for men:

  • They maintain the pH level of your pubic area 
  • The skin of your penis is soft and sensitive. Regular soap can be harsh on it. 
  • Chemicals are used in soaps to make them fragrant and colorful. These chemicals can cause irritation to your penis. 
  • An intimate wash for men does not dry your skin down there. 
  • It gets rid of all the accumulated sweat and oils. 
  • Leaves your penis smelling fresh and neutral 
  • It is a legit treatment for smegma

There is no shame in keeping your privates clean. It will save you from an embarrassing situation in your most intimate moments, reduce the chances of sexual dysfunction and help you understand if you have any underlying disease that needs professional attention. 

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