Have You Ever Wondered ‘Who Has The Most Instagram Followers?

Most Instagram Followers

Do you know why Instagram is so popular? Because it’s a magnificent social media app that provides you a platform to become famous. Just by delivering valuable and top-notch content, you can become famous. The more time you spend with your followers, the better the engagement. There’s a huge amount of social media exposure on Instagram. This accounts for another reason why Instagram is popular among the youth. Plus, there have been major success stories and fame during the lockdown on Instagram. That has become another popular reason for the publicity.

Instagram has become a major hype. And the hype is not only about Instagram but about who got the most followers on Instagram. Isn’t it?

Yes, right! If you, too, are keen to know about the person who has the highest Instagram followers, then you’re on the right page.

The person with the top Instagram followers is none other than – Cristiano Ronaldo! Until July 2021, he was the most popular celebrity footballer on Instagram. He has around 315.81 million followers on Instagram.

Want to know the reason why?

It’s because he is a brand. He is a self-made athlete who’s more hardworking and stylish than Messi. He sponsors versatile products and uploads pictures for which he gets paid. Plus, he has a great PR team that shows him actively involved in various social media platforms.

Adorable Posts by Cristiano Ronaldo

Fans would love to go through his profile. Why not check out the type of posts, reels, and IGTV videos on his profile? Maybe, that’s one of the reasons why he has become so popular on Instagram!

Pandemic, Kids, and Ronaldo

This IGTV video is too cute where Ronaldo is seen gyming with his kids. The way he is having fun is totally incredible. It was posted on April 13, 2020, during the pandemic with the hashtags #stay home #staysafe. It clearly shows how considerate Ronaldo is. Furthermore, this video showcases the care and affection he has for his kids. The immense love of the audience brought 44.3 million views on this adorable video. It’s raw and natural. Do you want to check out the video? Check it out here –   

Ronaldo in Love

His posts and videos show that he is a hardcore believer in love. The way he has posted this amazing and loving video on 2nd September 2020 is magical. In the caption, he says ‘It’s good spending time with your loved ones’. Ronaldo’s way of spreading love to the Universe is beautiful. Through his own experiences and memories, he tries his best to spread the message of love. That’s why his audience, followers, and society showers an immense amount of love for him. Check out the video here –

Spreading Love

Another post by Ronaldo has 13.5 million views and 103k comments. This one is again with Georgina Rodriguez. Ronaldo has proved that love grows when you spread it. That’s what he is doing with his posts. He adds a personal touch to his posts, stories, reels, and videos. Due to this, a lot of people feel magnetically attracted to his profile. Check out his post here –

So, you see. Apart from doing the sponsored posts and paid partnership posts, Ronaldo also adds a unique personal touch to his posts. He adds posts with his family too. His girlfriend and baby girl are the apples of his eyes. We all know that the audience loves it when a celebrity posts about his/her personal life. Ronaldo showed that every single second you show love, it spreads. This is the major reason why he has the highest Instagram followers.

In Ronaldo’s smile, his followers see something magical.

Let’s Look At IG Accounts With Highest Followers

Scroll down to see who’s made it to Instagram’s Hall of Fame.

Official Instagram Account Profile

Currently, the official Instagram profile Instagram has more than 408 million followers. Their feed has a clear goal i.e to show off the unique trends to the audience. Furthermore, they promote their own content and spread awareness.

Then comes Ronaldo whom we’ve already discussed.

Dwayne Johnson

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A post shared by therock (@therock)

The one and only ‘The Rock’. He has 267 million followers on Instagram. He is a popular one because of his acting and wrestling skills. He is the star of WWE and a famous actor. He shares a lot of pictures about his family, gym, and filming. Adding a unique touch of personalization is again a very important part of his profile.

Ariana Grande

She is a global superstar and a famous musician. She is considered one of the most known singers on the planet. Naturally, she is popular on Instagram with 264 million followers. Moreover, she is the most followed woman on Instagram. Ariana’s feed is full of pictures and videos. She posts about her pop high life, meeting celebrities, and performing her solo and duet songs.

Kylie Jenner

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A post shared by Kylie 🤍 (@kyliejenner)

Kylie is unarguably the biggest star on Instagram. She has crossed 264 million followers on IG. Moreover, she also held the top spot for the most-liked Instagram post once. Her account is a well-built symmetry of work, personal life, and a lot of baby pictures. Don’t forget to check out the pictures with her hubby. She is the epitome of love and that’s what she depicts in her posts too. She loves her family.

Selena Gomez

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A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

Undoubtedly, a famous singer and one of the most loved celebrities on Instagram. She is a musician and an actor. You can see star selfies, event pictures, mental health posts, beauty posts, and pictures with friends and family on her wall. She is the founder of Rare Beauty. There are a lot of mental health posts on her wall. It’s because she is a great supporter of the cause.

Lionel Messi

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A post shared by Leo Messi (@leomessi)

Another footballer with more than 241 million followers on Instagram. He’s the captain of Barcelona FC and Argentina National Football, Team. His Instagram profile is full of shots of playing, personal life, and all the events he attends. Plus, he loves posting about his dog.

Kim Kardashian

Her account is quite similar to her family member’s accounts. She has around 240 million followers on Instagram. There are lots of modeling pictures, event pictures, and personal stuff like old family photographs. There’s nothing very unique about her profile. It’s her fans that make her popular.

Make your account right away and start spreading the love! 

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