Why And When Should You Wear A Weight Belt?

Wear A Weight Belt

You cannot find weightlifters in the Olympics or powerlifting competition lifting heavy weights without wearing weight lifting belts. There are special belts designed for athletes of different genders and categories. If you are a female weightlifter then you can buy the best weight lifting belt for women

Not only professional lifters, recreational lifters of varying experience and skill levels also understand the importance of wearing weight lifting belts. However, how does wearing them help recreational weightlifters?

Benefits Of Weight Lifting Belt  

Wearing this belt serves two purposes. First of all, when you are lifting weight in an upright position, this puts stress on your lower back. Secondly, wearing a belt prevents back hyperextension. It compresses your abdominal cavity content and hence reduces low back stress. The intra-abdominal pressure provides more support in front of the lower back bones. This supports the spinal erector muscles to produce less force when you are lifting.   

The increased intra-abdominal pressure also reduces the amount of spinal shrinkage. Most importantly, the best weight lifting belt for women makes you aware of the position of your back. The belt’s physical sensation against your skin prompts you to consider your back position. It helps in activating muscle to maintain good posture. 

Beginners don’t know how to squeeze their ab muscles properly. A beginner must follow his coach’s instructions before lifting weight if she doesn’t know how to stabilize her body without a belt. Keep in mind that the belt cannot replace the effects of proper stabilization, core work, and technical skills. 

Types Of Weight Belts 

Traditional/bodybuilding and powerlifting belts are the most common types of weight belts. Compared to leather one, these belts are very easy to put on and remove. Thicker belts provide more support to the spine when you are performing weightlifting exercises. It forms a wall around the lower torso and hence prevents back hyperextension. This limits back movement and prevents twisting and sideward bending. A powerlifting-style belt with the same width from one end to another is ideal for this purpose. 

How To Wear A Weight Belt 

A weight belt is the most useful when you are wearing it tightly. However, don’t wear it for a long period of time as it can be physically taxing. Weightlifting often elevates high blood pressure. Wearing a belt can exacerbate it even more. This is why, always wear a belt on the following two primary occasions. 

  1. There are some exercises in which the lifter’s back supports the weight. For example, you are performing maximal or submaximal lifts in the deadlift, squat or other similar exercises. 
  2. You are performing military press or other exercises causing the back to hyperextend. 

Whether you should wear a weight or belt, let your coach guide you.    


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