Why Do Companies Use Trustpilot?

Why Do Companies Use Trustpilot?


Why Do Companies Use Trustpilot?

All business is people’s business. Therefore, the developments of the business mostly rely on people’s engagement. In business, people’s opinion, review, and comment plays a vital role in the road of company’s success. Here, Trustpilot is an online review platform that connects consumers and companies on the basis of customer’s real feedback. It assists companies to see their brand from the customer’s point of view. 

Companies need trust to add value to their business and Trustpilot provides trustworthiness as trust is in their name. Seeing them now World Powerful Review Websites for their service. They work for the company no matter the size. They aimed to establish standards that will safeguard customer’s interests. If you want to know details about Why Do Companies Use Trustpilot, then stick with us.

Why Do Companies Use Trustpilot?

Among various Review websites, people find Trustpilot more secure and trustworthy because they have fought for fake reviews and for misuse of reviews. They use customized fraud detection software to detect fraudulent reviews. Accessing Trustpilot is open and free both for the company and consumers. Anyone can put a review on this platform from their real buying experience. Trustpilot respects individuals’ voices for positive and negative reviews. Their review is free from censorship and manipulation. 

Do you ever think that Why Do Companies Use Trustpilot and Buy Trustpilot Reviews when there are other online review communities available? We think it is because of Trustpilot’s extensive features and for their services. They provide such features that do not provide any competitor’s website at their price. Let’s look at the features section of Trustpilot by which they are able to make a huge difference from their competitors. 

  • Campaign Administration
  • Knowledge Administration
  • Dashboard
  • Negative Feedback Management
  • Social Sharing
  • Review Notification
  • Poll Management
  • Sentiment Analysis

Trustpilot Shine Companies Reputation

Whenever a reviewer writes a review on the Trustpilot, it may be a positive review or a negative review. Then they may first think their review will influence another customer to make buying decisions. But with the working module of Trustpilot, here companies find a better scope to learn from consumers’ feedback. Because all we know is that all reviews are a story and by respecting all those stories a company can shine their business. 

It may take a little time to write a review, with a star rating about your latest purchase. But companies need to spend much more time analyzing the review. Most companies have a team that analyzes the customer’s feedback. There are many companies available to whom Trustpilot is the only main channel to get consumer feedback. By ensuring transparency companies can learn and take action to do better in their business.

Trustpilot Is Free and Open for Everyone

People from any corner of the world can share their experiences and write a review on the Trustpilot. Companies can also use fundamental services completely free to invite their customers to write reviews for them. According to the CEO of Trustpilot, Peter Holten Mühlmann, 90% of the 529,000+ websites use free service on Trustpilot. Here companies can choose both free and paid services that are combinedly called “freemium”. In Trustpilot basic and paid service, there is no huge difference. That’s why startup companies use Trustpilot free service. 

Trustpilot provides a Company Profile Page, Unlimited Basic Review Invitations, 100 Verified Review Requests, Widgets for the Company Website, a Self-Service Support Center for free. The only distinguishable service for paid service is that AI-powered review insight, personalized customer support, and high-resolution Trustpilot branding. 

Trustpilot is considered a fair and equal treatment service. As an independent review platform to whom the only purpose is to bring consumers and companies in one platform for both betternesses. It is their duty to enrich the company’s profile by detecting the face reviews. And both free and paid service has to follow the same rule in this regard. Trustpilot content integrity also gives equal justification for free and paid service. We think their transparency and equal justification make it more popular to the people, and that’s why people use Trustpilot.

Provide Guideline for Business 

Trustpilot always aimed to help companies improve, impress and innovate. They do it by giving explosive review platforms that build openness and collaboration to collect insights from the consumers. They will give you the tools to gather a better consumer experience. They provide this service both in free and paid condition. But the only thing they request to you is to follow their terms of use, which will help to build trustworthiness and collaboration to upgrade the business module of the world. 

Trustpilot believes growing brand trust is the same as showing brand trust. And that trust helps to move forward a business in a successful line and get closer to the customers. To ease the process Trustpilot gives suggestions on Sale for Business, Data Processing Agreement, Subprocessors, CCPA supplement, Content Refresh Guidelines, and Trademark Guideline. Trustpilot also helps to define Content Syndication for the company to obtain a non-exclusive license.

How Does Trustpilot Work for Companies?

Trustpilot has three kinds of service policies. Fore reviewers, for business and for everyone. However, for business or for companies Trustpilot works in a different form. You need to create a business account by clicking on the “For Companies” on the top of the Trustpilot homepage. That will provide you to see the current star rating of your company. Opening a free account on Trustpilot for your companies is an impressive way to connect with your customers. Their online reviews and online presence will make your company incredible. Potential customers when you come to your company’s profile can easily understand how you interact with the previous customers. 

As we said earlier, companies have paid and free products. For free anyone can invite their customers to put a comment on their Company’s profile page. Besides, in the paid service, Trustpilot allows showing this comment on their company’s website. In a speech Peter Holten Mühlmann, the CEO said, In Trustpilot, companies can automate the manual process which saves more money. And Trustpilot offers them more sophisticated insights. If companies use them properly they will definitely improve in their business. We think Trustpilot has a healthy business model because it ensures the review is genuine.

Why Trustpilot Is the Right Choice

Actually, the terms “Right Choice” rely on the demand of consumers. Therefore understanding the demand and picking the right kind of customer review software is not an easy task. But we can assure you that, if you meet with Trustpilot when you are looking for an online review platform, you will definitely pick Trustpilot. Because Trustpilot has all the characteristics of an ideal customer review software. 

Trustpilot is the only online review company that helps to improve the company’s reputation, helps to obtain customer feedback, creates a direct connection with customers, helps to improve SEO, marketing, and conversation rate. Here below, we listed some key points why Trustpilot is different from others and “Right Choose” for most startup companies. 

  • Trustpilot is Google Review Partner. You will get a google seller rating, yellow stars to show it in your AdWord Campaigns.
  • Trustpilot is open for reviewers and business owners and most importantly it is an open platform for all people. 
  • In Trustpilot, it is easy to collect reviews. And it is not companies’ headaches to detect fake reviews and fraudulent reviews. 
  • Trustpilot allows displaying their review on multiple channels. Like social media, on your website, your emails. 
  • Trustpilot has the most trustworthiness because they have over 40 million reviews and over 200,000 online businesses reviewed.


The success of a company depends on how many potential customers they have. No matter what the number is small or big. Because a potential customer turns other customers by their positive reviews. We all know that review really matters and therefore fake reviews bring a bad reputation for the brand. 

People who are concerned about their business and want more people’s engagement certainly choose Trustpilot. Their working model is best suited for all small and big types of companies. Therefore people use Trustpilot as an alternative to the open Review Platform.

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