WordPress Security: 6 Plugins You Must Know

WordPress Security: 6 Plugins You Must Know

Cybercrime has been on the rise as of the pandemic outbreak. In 2020, a staggering 80% of breaches involved onslaughts of login or brute force attacks. If you’re a site owner, be wary of this type of attack as it’s one of the most common website security threats.

WordPress websites have become hackers’ targets due to the content management system’s massive user base. Therefore, it’s crucial to integrate a powerful WordPress security plugin to ensure the website’s safety. 

Also, you should subscribe to a reliable WordPress hosting service to add a layer of protection to the CMS itself. Hostinger is one of the many great examples of a secure web hosting service. Not only does it provide a free SSL certificate, but it also protects its name servers to prevent hacker attacks.

Without further ado, let’s hear from the six WordPress security plugins you must know.

  1. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is among the most popular WordPress plugins. Coming in free and premium versions, this security plugin features:

  • Detection. Sucuri will automatically run a malware and virus scan to your WordPress website once installed. On top of that, you’ll receive instant notifications when Sucuri finds abnormalities in your website, keeping you updated on your site’s health.
  • Protection. Thanks to Sucuri’s robust firewall and website activity tracking, preventing brute force attacks and unauthorized logins is more convenient. 
  • Performance boost. By blocking malicious traffic, Sucuri helps improve your page load time and server response time. 
  • Incident response. If your website gets infected with malware, technical assistance will clean it for you without any additional costs.
  • Backups. Set a custom backup schedule to utilize the automated backup feature. Once done, Sucuri will store your data in the cloud. 

The paid version of this plugin has four categories. Should you run a small or medium-sized business, consider subscribing to the Pro Platform plan for $299.99/year. With it, you get an every-6-hour malware scan and a 12-hour estimated time of malware removal.

Additionally, advanced DDoS protection and CDN server integrations are available in Sucuri premiums.

  1. Wordfence Security

Wordfence is among the most trusted security plugins for WordPress. Its prominent features include a stellar firewall and malware scanner. The former identifies and prevents malicious traffic from getting into your website. The latter keeps your core files, themes, and plugins safe from malevolent code injections.

Wordfence packs robust login security. From utilizing two-factor authentication (2FA) and integrating login page CAPTCHA to limiting failed login attempts and blocking logins for compromised passwords.

Also, Wordfence Central is an excellent feature that allows you to manage multiple sites from a single unified console. More importantly, it’s free to use for an unlimited number of websites.

Wordfence Premium starts from $99/year for one WordPress website. If you run multiple websites, this plugin offers up to 25% discounts for the license purchase. With the premium plans, get access to:

  • A premium API key, which provides real-time updates on threat defense.
  • Country blocking.
  • Spam and spamvertising checks.
  • More frequent scans. 

On the other hand, personal website owners don’t need to worry about purchasing a premium version of the plugin. This is because Wordfence’s free plan is powerful enough to cater to smaller website’s security needs.

  1. All In One WP Security

The All In One WP Security plugin is one of the best free WordPress security plugins. It has three security and firewall categories: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Thus, this plugin can be convenient to use for either beginners or more experienced users.

The All In One WP Security grants the following features:

  • User account security. This feature ensures you don’t use the default “admin” username for your website. It also makes sure you have a strong password.
  • User registration security. Enabling Google reCaptcha and manual WordPress account approval prevents spam registrations from flooding your website. 
  • Blacklist tools. With the Login Lockdown feature, prevent brute-force attacks by locking out suspicious IP addresses. With it, you can monitor the blocked IP addresses’ failed login attempts and shut off users attempting to log in with incorrect credentials.
  • File system security. It protects your readme.html, license.txt, and wp-config-sample.php files from the public eyes. 
  • Backup tools. These tools allow you to make copies of your .htaccess and wp-config files. In case of an emergency, all you need to do is use the handy restore option.
  • Firewall functionality. This feature lets you add a lot of firewalls through the .htaccess file without slowing down your website.
  1. Jetpack

Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, and Growth is another popular all-in-one WordPress plugin solution. From social media and speed boost to automated backup and reliable security tools, Jetpack can be an excellent plugin for every website owner.

In terms of security, this plugin offers:

  • Activity log. It monitors any site changes to prepare for debugging, troubleshooting, and regular maintenance.
  • Brute force protection. With the Jetpack Protect feature, block unwanted login attempts to your website.
    • Uptime/Downtime monitoring. Helps identify abnormalities on your website. A sudden downtime can be a red flag for your website’s security system.
    • Malware and spam protection. It runs an automated malware detection and provides a one-click fix once the scan is done. For spam protection, Jetpack features Akismet to ensure effectiveness. 
  • Automated backup. Jetpack saves every change you make on your website, allowing real-time backups. Also, get your website back online quickly with the easy one-click restoration.

Jetpack comes in free and premium versions. The former is suitable for personal websites, such as online CVs and portfolios.

Subscribe to a paid plan if you run a business website. Starting from $99/year, the premium plugin will grant the automated malware scan, Akismet integration for spam protection, and real-time backup features.

  1. BulletProof Security

BulletProof is another excellent WordPress security plugin. If you’re a seasoned web developer, this plugin may be the best option for you. 

BulletProof provides an extensive list of automated security features, including:

  • A setup wizard. Includes an assistant tool that packs AutoCleanup, AutoSetup, and AutoWhitelist, saving your energy one click at a time.
  • .htaccess core. Also called B-core, it is a .htaccess firewall protection that prevents website security threats, for example, XSS and SQL injection attacks.
  • Login security. Allows you to automatically lock users out after several invalid login attempts or after reaching the timeout.
  • Database backup. It helps set your backup schedule with ease by specifying the time and frequency. You can also automate deleting old backup files to keep things organized.
  • Idle session logout (ISL). This feature is about logging out the inactive users over a specified period of time. For instance, you set a 24-hour interval before logging off your user accounts. Therefore, they will be logged off if they’re inactive for the continuous 24 hours.
  • Authentication cookie expiration (ACE). Compared to the ISL, ACE is a “hard” setting for automatic user log out. That said, a user will be logged out after a specified amount of time, even when they aren’t idling. 
  • Hidden plugin folders. Seeing as these files can serve as a backdoor for hackers to gain control over your website, BulletProof offers this feature to help check them. If detected, you’ll receive an email and a dashboard alert.

Purchase a plan with a one-time payment of $69.95. With it, you get additional security features, such as auto restore/quarantine, real-time file monitor, and advanced anti-spam/anti-hacking tools.

  1. iThemes Security Pro

The last one in this list, iThemes Security Pro, is another excellent WordPress security plugin to integrate. This plugin offers over 30 features, and here are some of the best ones:

  • Brute force protection. It locks out users who try to guess your password after a limited number of failed attempts.
  • File change detection. Sends an email alert if there’s a file addition, removal, or modification happening in your WordPress website. 
  • 404 error detection. It prevents bots from scanning your site’s vulnerabilities. To automatically block IP addresses out, the default setting is 20 errors within a five-minute interval. However, you can customize the numbers based on your own preferences.
  • Login security. Automatically locks suspicious users out after too many failed login attempts, 404 errors, and if they’re on the bot blacklist. 
  • Away mode. Secures your website by blocking access to the WordPress admin area while you’re away, ensuring no one sneaks in and starts changing your files.
  • Database backup. Lets you make copies of your website. You can receive the backup via emails or ask the team to send them off to your preferred storage destination.

iThemes Security Pro comes in three categories. All of the plans include one year of ticketed support and plugin updates. For personal website owners, purchase the Blogger plan for $80/year to protect the site. 

Business owners can take advantage of the Small Business and Gold plans. The former costs $127/year and can accommodate up to 10 eCommerce sites. Costing $199/year, the latter can cater to an unlimited number of websites.


There you have the six best WordPress security plugins. If you still find some difficulties in choosing which one can serve your site well, here’s a little recap:

  • Sucuri Security – includes technical assistance, DDoS protection, and CDN integration. 
  • Wordfence Security – grants robust firewalls, malware scanners, login security, and a unified console to manage multiple websites.
  • All In One WP Security – offers strong account security and file system protection. It’s best for beginners and completely free.
  • Jetpack – is the best for value as it also packs other website optimization features.
  • BulletProof Security – is the most comprehensive security plugin around. Best for advanced users or web developers.
  • iThemes Security Pro – is a more beginner-friendly option for an extensive security plugin.

We hope this best security plugin list is helpful. Good luck with your website!

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