Workpuls Vs. Time Doctor- Which One to Choose, and Why Workpuls?

Workpuls Vs. Time Doctor- Which One to Choose, and Why Workpuls?


The era of remote work and digitized businesses that started abruptly with the Covid-19 outbreak won’t end any time soon. New normal is here to stay and things will never go back to the way they were in the business world. All these unexpected shifts required fast and effective reactions. 

This is why business owners all over the world have started searching for innovative solutions to back up their businesses, enable seamless communication, and improve productivity. 

Consequently, employee monitoring and time tracking software became one of the most wanted products on the market. With an array of quality productivity trackers, sharing similar features, choosing the one that will perfectly fit your business may be a demanding task.

So, before buying one of these efficient trackers to help your business run smoothly, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you need employee monitoring?
  • How do you intend to use this workforce analytics software?

Your answers are vital because you’ll get the best results only if you use this software transparently and ethically. So if you want to watch employees’ every move, and abuse their privacy, you better question your motives and work ethics before opting for employee monitoring software.

However, if you need this monitoring tool to keep track of employees’ productivity and have a clear overview of your current projects, we’ll help you make the best choice by focusing on the advantages Workpuls workforce analytics has over Time Doctor.

Workpuls Offers On-Premise Hosting

This is a major advantage Workpuls productivity tracker has over the competition, including Time doctor. On-premise hosting allows you to install the software on your servers. This is a perfect solution if you want an additional layer of security for your confidential data. 

Furthermore, Workpuls is a user-friendly tool that you can install with two clicks. This easy and undemanding installation process makes it suitable for large companies employing over 1000 workers.

Office and Remote Workers Data is Separated

Time Doctor is a quality productivity tracking tool that offers more than 10 monitoring options. One of the most prominent features it offers to users is the ability to integrate it with all the significant project management platforms and communication tools. 

Even though Workpuls can’t offer this favorable option yet, it has an outstanding feature that sets it apart from others. Namely, if you are leading a growing business with over 1000 people, you need to know who is doing what at any time of the day. Workpuls provides you with real-time insight into your employees’ activities, separating data between office and remote workers. 

Real-Time Activity Tracking

This is another feature that puts Workpuls ahead of the competition. Real-time activity tracking starts the moment the computer turns and lasts until it shuts down. In this way, your employees can do their job without pressure and interruptions, and you will have detailed insight into their workflow. 

This is not the case with Time Doctor. Namely, Time Doctor has set alerts that pop up the employees’ screen asking “Are you working?” if they appear to be idle for some time. Even though these alerts may seem like an effective way to bring you back on track, they may interfere with the workflow and may distract you from reading something important, or watching a useful work-related video. Furthermore, these alerts may seem a bit controlling, putting employees under unnecessary pressure.

You Can Use Workpuls in a Stealth Mode

With the millions of businesses exposing their vulnerable data on clouds came the astonishing rise of various cyber threats. This is why the Workpuls monitoring solution will act as a trustworthy guardian of your data. 

Namely, you can use Workpuls in stealth mode to monitor certain suspicious activities that may have devastating effects on your business. By using the Workpuls productivity tracker, you’ll gain a much-needed sense of security that you won’t find when using Time Doctor.

Workpuls Offers the Whole Package at a Reasonable Price

Time Doctor offers a basic package with limited features for $7 per user, which is a pretty reasonable price. However, if you want to boost your productivity, using advanced features, you will have to pay $10 per user for the whole package. 

When compared to Time Doctor price, Workpuls offers great value for money. Namely, if you want to use all of the favorable features to improve team performance while keeping your data safe, you’ll need to pay $8 per user. And that’s really a good deal.

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