Overcoming Property Management Challenges with a Virtual Assistant

Overcoming Property Management Challenges with a Virtual Assistant

Construction projects are back in full swing as new types of properties are being built all over the world after the pandemic. As a result, there will be a lot going on in the property management sector, and its leaders should be on the lookout for new trends that will create major changes within the industry. 

According to recent data, the increasing demand for improved co-working spaces and smart building projects, as well as trends such as remote accessibility and workplace mobility is about to take the property management market to new heights. Industry experts predict that this sector will be valued at $36.4 billion by 2028, and in order to stay competitive, property management businesses should innovate by utilizing solutions such as virtual assistants to simplify and enhance operations. If you’re a property management business owner, making the most of a virtual assistant can help you grow your venture– here are several ways a virtual assistant can help you overcome the day-to-day challenges of your operations. 

Ensures Prompt Attention to Inquiries

A property manager’s job is never done as some tenants and prospective renters will text, call, or send emails at any given time, especially if there’s a pressing concern. This is why, as a way to support managers, property management businesses should consider hiring a virtual assistant to ensure prompt attention to inquiries. According to Staffvirtual, you can expect round-the-clock support from a virtual assistant outsourcing company, ensuring that no request or inquiry is left unattended. 

To make sure that the outsourcing process goes smoothly, start by defining your objectives for hiring a virtual assistant, and list down the support that you need for your business. For instance, do you need a VA just for handling general inquiries, or do you also need them to contact potential renters? Be clear on the tasks that you want your virtual assistant to accomplish to ensure that all bases are covered. You’ll also need to create a manual or a training program that will familiarize your virtual assistant with your business’s procedures to prevent miscommunication with tenants, vendors, or staff. 

Staying on Top of Schedules

Property managers have extremely busy schedules as they have a lot of different things on their plate, no matter what day it is. Not only do they have to meet with buyers, and prospective tenants, and collect rent, but they also have to do rounds to ensure that repairs are being done or events within the property are running smoothly. For some property managers, calendar management can be a challenge since they need to create time for everything. A missed appointment with a tenant, supplier, or buyer could create a negative impression of your property management business– fortunately, a virtual assistant can help your property managers stay on track. 

Virtual assistants can make calls and schedule meetings and showings with tenants, send reminders about upcoming meetings, and also follow up on people who fail to respond to the property managers. Allocating calendar management tasks to VAs will free up more time for managers so they can focus on other important tasks, such as generating and pursuing leads and interacting with clients. 

Assist with Paperwork

Running a property management business means dealing with an endless amount of paperwork. On a typical day, your staff will have to ensure that tenants will properly fill out and submit all of the necessary legal documentation. Moreover, they also have to stay on top of tax documents, budget reports, receipts, and financial reports, among others. To take away some of the routine work from property managers, a virtual assistant can take over paperwork responsibilities, enabling managers to prioritize more urgent tasks. In addition to that, a VA can also receive and process application forms from prospective tenants in order to provide personalized customer service. 

Social Media Management

Nowadays, businesses have to have a social media presence to attract prospective investors or clients. While property managers or other staff can handle the online aspect of your venture, it may be more beneficial to assign social media management tasks to a virtual assistant. A skilled VA can engage with followers, answer questions posted on different platforms, and even create posts to promote your properties, all in real-time. They may also be tasked to write blog posts or website content if they have experience in content creation or writing sales copy. 

Hiring virtual assistants allows your property managers to focus on important issues and tasks, and prevents other aspects of your business from getting overlooked or neglected. Make sure to hire virtual assistants from a reputable VA outsourcing company to help your business grow.

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