22 Of The Best Manicures We’ve Seen On Men Lately

22 Of The Best Manicures We’ve Seen On Men Lately


The male manicure is having another moment.

Harry Styles, a veritable gender-neutral fashion god at this point, was an early adopter. The As It Was singer has experimented with everything from smiley face-emblazoned manicures to subdued, earthy, oat-milk-coloured nails. (In 2021, Styles smartly cashed in on the mani and pedicure market with a beauty line that offers a handful of nail polish shades.)

And he’s not the only one loving the manicure: Brad Pitt’s manicurist is probably his kids. Dwyane Wade gets manis and pedis, too. Bad Bunny is also big into his signature statement nails.

The Puerto Rican rapper is such a big proponent of the manicure as self-care that in 2018 he called out a nail salon in Spain for denying him service because he was a man. “Men also take care of themselves,” Bad Bunny told Refinery29 in an interview. “Stop the ignorance, and let’s think with a more open mind. We’re in 2018, and we are supposed to have equality.”

Bad Bunny has gotten in on the gender-inclusive trend.

Telemundo via Getty Images

Bad Bunny has gotten in on the gender-inclusive trend.

Los Angeles-based manicurist Brittney Boyce has worked with a number of nail-art-loving male celebrities. She’s done skull graphics with Travis Barker and textured art like a diamond plated look with the DJ Kayzo. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly is one of her most adventurous male clients.

“He’s always up to doing something really cool, whether it’s a chrome look, sharp six-inch nails that feature a bright pink shade along with chains and spikes, abstract checkered patterns or a $30K diamond manicure,” says Boyce, who’s the founder of Nails Of LA.

As for why male manis are having a moment again, Boyce thinks the revisited trend ― let’s not forget, David Bowie painted his nails in the 70s and Kurt Cobain followed suit in the 90s º is part of broader trend: In 2022, even guys who identify as cisgender and heterosexual are feeling free to experiment and get gender fluid in their fashion.

“This moment actually reminds me of the 70s,” the manicurist says. “Beyond Harry Styles, you have Pete Davidson in a dress for the Met Gala in 2021, Eugene Lee Yang in full makeup, nails and heels while rocking a suit, and every moment Billy Porter has on the red carpet.”

Non-celebrity guys are coming into nail salons and asking for a little TLC with their nails, too. Sigourney Nuñez, a nail artist in Los Angeles who has worked with Styles for his beauty line, thinks the pandemic and chaotic political times created an environment where guys realised they deserved to treat themselves every now and then.

“A lot of us are reevaluating what’s truly important in our lives,” she tells HuffPost. “Amid all this tumult, self-care is more imperative than ever and a manicure is just that: a form of self care.”

Nuñez says the guys she’s worked with may even enjoy the mani process more than her women clients.

“In terms of a reaction to manicures, typically my clients who identify as male laugh or show gratitude during the cuticle detailing,” she says. “I guess it’s because it’s a relaxing sensation they just haven’t been exposed to prior. It’s really cute.”

What kinds of designs are they opting for? Nuñez said multicolored manicures have been super popular.

“It’s kind of a gateway to more elaborate nail art,” she says. “Once someone sees how fun it is to wear a variety of shades, the next time they are more open to something minimal, and the journey continues.”

For guys who paint their own nails at home, stickers from brands like Deco and Artips have been popular, especially sticker packs with Y2K themes (smileys, hearts, flames).

Robbie Tomkins, a manicurist in London, thinks that, when it comes to nail art, many guys are learning to walk before they run with designs.

“They favour negative space and minimal designs at first but are braving more colour, too,” he says. “Before, I found guys that did ask for a manicure wanted a buffed nail or if painted, a black or dark blue block colour, but I’ve definitely seen a shift toward brighter nails which include some form of nail art. It’s all about individualism.”

Below, we spotlight some of our favourite gender-inclusive manis we’ve seen as of late.

Hand-drawn roses on Adam Levine

Kim Truong

Kim Truong, a nail artist in Los Angeles, created this design for her client Adam Levine of Maroon 5. “Adam is a girl dad and loves to match his daughters’ nails colours or lets them pick out his colors,” she tells HuffPost. “It’s the cutest thing.”

Name nails for Lil Nas

Juan Alvear/Instagram

Lil Nas’ nails here, done by manicurist Juan Alvear, are just a little bit narcissistic.

Multicolored nails on Harry Styles

Jenny Longworth/Instagram

Harry Styles’ look at the 2019 Met Gala wasn’t complete without a multicoloured mani by Jenny Longworth, a nail artist in London. “He’s the ultimate modern day nail icon,” Longworth tells HuffPost of her client. “I love that young guys are beginning to experiment with nail art again.”

A simple black-and-white graphic print for Machine Gun Kelly

Rich Fury via Getty Images

Machine Gun Kelly went relatively understated with his manicure at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards.

An emo clown face for ASAP Rocky

Naomi Yasuda/Instagram

“Guys seem to like the really detailed nail art looks, a la ASAP Rocky,” Longworth says. “I think there’s something really punk, rebellious and expressive about it and that’s why they like it.”

The design here was created by celebrity manicurist Naomi Yasuda.

Gloopy nails on Seth Rogan

Mei Kawajiri/Instagram

Seth’s Rogen’s gloopy mani was created by nail artist Mei Kawajiri, who’s known for her maximalist style. “I’m noticing that my male clients are not shy to try bolder nail styles, like 3D, different nail shapes and length,” she tells HuffPost.

Blinged-out nails on Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs/Instagram

Kawajiri’s also worked on designer Marc Jacobs’ nails. “Nails are like tattoos and a way to express yourself everyday. I think it’s a more casual and unique way to show your style,” she says.

Glittery nails on Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan/Instagram

Troye Sivan’s nails gleam in glitter.

Cats and dogs for Jonathan Van Ness

Mei Kawajiri/Instagram

Kawajiri created this design of some furry friends for Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness.

Everything nails for Lil Yachty


Lil Yachty doesn’t limit his choices.

Pearls on Trinidad James

Sarah Nguyen/Instagram

Rapper Trinidad James’ ornate, pearl manicure by celebrity manicurist Sarah Nguyen.

Hearts and smiles

Shigeko Taylor/Instagram

Sometimes, simple is best.

Blue hues and orbs

Megan Horner/Instagram

There’s a neat pop of colour in these minimalist nails by manicurist Megan Horner.

Rainbow drip nails

Noelle Fuyu Moore

Noelle Fuyu Moore, a nail artist in Honolulu, wanted to incorporate rainbows with water in this set for a male client. She tells HuffPost she thinks guys are getting more into nail art because male style in general is trending toward “gender neutrality and androgyny.”

’90s Nails

Kim Truong/Instagram

Some ’90s vibes courtesy of Truong.

Aura nails

Clarisa Maldonado/Instagram

These groovy aura nails were created by Clarisa Maldonado, a manicurist in Orange County, California.

Eyeball nails

Noelle Fuyu Moore

Moore created these 3-D nails for a particularly adventurous client.

Major 3D nails

Juan Alvear/Instagram

An avant garde design by Alvear.

Highly detailed design

Alyssa Anderson/Instagram

Couples nails

Mei Kawajiri/Instagram

Kawajiri gave this couple matching manis.

Matte swirl nails

Melinda Carrillo/Instagram

This mani, by Melinda Carrillo, a manicurist in Chicago, features snakelike swirls and a matte finish.

Matte nails

Robbie Tomkins/Instagram

Tomkins’ created this matte design that includes a flame, a hollow heart and smiley face. “I have seen loads of guys wearing nail art that you might not usually expect to be wearing it, from dads to lighting and rigging guys on set,” he says. “I love this trend. I feel it’s about time!”

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