TikViral: 5 Ideas for Brands To Reach Gen Z Users On Tiktok


Are you a business owner? Do you intend to find potential customers effortlessly? And, Does your target audience mainly include users of Generation Z? Then this article is for you. When it comes to marketing to Gen Z, you need to have a brand presence where they mostly are. The happy news is that we have the perfect solution for you to get started. It is none other than TikTok. Launched in 2016, this platform was initially made just for entertainment. 

Until a few years ago, when people heard the name TikTok, lip-synching and dancing videos popped up first in their minds. Even though the core objective of TikTok remains the same, people use it for more than just that. The usage and perspective of TikTok have evolved a lot. Through this, brands started marketing their products and services on this platform. Some even started to buy tiktok likes to make their presence on TikTok solid and effective. So If your target is to reach Gen Z, TikTok is the best platform.

Who Are Gen Z?

The people who were born between 1997 and 2012 are known as Generation Z. People belonging to this generation are said to be active users of technology, including social media platforms. 

Why Does Gen Z Prefer TikTok?

TikTok has become a leading social network among Gen Z users. Why? Because TikTok provides everything, they need. A platform to create, share, and find short videos. Not only that, TikTok has become an optimal forum for creatively showcasing their talents. 

According to statistics provided by TikTok, it is said that more than sixty percent of the users on TikTok belong to Generation Z. Also, Gen Z feels that finding and engaging with their favorite brands on TikTok is straightforward. Therefore, it ultimately increased the count of both businesses and Gen Zers on TikTok.

5 Ideas for Brands To Reach Gen Zers on TikTok

As we have seen, TikTok is the right place to grab the attention of young adults. So if your target audience includes Gen Zers, TikTok must be your top priority. Include it in your marketing strategy and leverage the maximum benefits from it. Also, opt for options like TikViral to make your journey on TikTok effortless. Therefore to help you get started, we have listed some ideas you can leverage to reach Gen Z on TikTok.

  1. Partner With Influencers:

Gen Zers on TikTok prefer POVs of TikTok influencers to traditional celebrities. Why? Because they get a connective feel quickly to users who are one among them. Henceforth, we can conclude that TikTok influencers hold tremendous power. So if you want to get the attention of Gen Zers, collaborating with the right influencers is vital. Right influencers in terms of social following, reliability, trust, authenticity, niche, etc. 

To make these collaborations more interesting and exciting, come up with branded challenges. Many top companies like Chipotle have blown up their growth on TikTok by partnering with influencers. Let your followers participate in these challenges and enhance your popularity among Gen Zers. Also, staying true to your brand’s missions and visions is essential while coming up with these challenges. 

  1. Jump On Latest Trends:

To attract Gen Zers users on TikTok, you must concentrate mainly on staying updated. TikTok is the place where trends come and go on a regular basis. Therefore you have to keep track of what are the recent trends right now, which music Gen Zers prefer, what kind of stickers they primarily use, etc. After knowing that, just jump on those trends. Take an innovative approach with your creative ideas. That is it.

It is vital to follow up on the latest and viral trends because of the following reason. The chances of Gen Zers losing interest in outdated content are higher. They might swipe up in just seconds. Also, you can take these trends to the next level. How? Be a trendsetter! For example, put a little effort and create a filter or sticker or create your own audio(music) that Gen Zers can use on their videos. By doing this, you get to attract users from all over the world. Also, you can use options like TikViral to enhance your reach to global users on TikTok.

  1. Create Engaging Videos:

TikTok is an incredible tool for targeting Generation Z. But capturing their attention goes behind just colorful videos. You have to focus on creating videos that are appealing and also engaging. Suppose you are unsure how to create engaging videos. Here is a small tip. 

  • Have a good hook in the first few seconds.
  • Address your viewers.
  • Add an exciting question to your video. 
  • Begin with a captivating fact.
  • Use good lighting and editing tools.
  • Use suspenseful or intriguing captions.

Using these tips, create engaging and aesthetically pleasing videos. It will help you attract Gen Zers more easily and effortlessly.

  1. Include Human Elements In Videos:

Not only Gen Z but even millennials also seek a human element in a brand. Since it is a common factor for both generations, infuse it in your videos deliberately. For example, tell how you started your business journey or what plus and minuses are there in starting a business. Even how you solved all your problems during your peak times etc. Infuse a little humor and fun video content to show your human side. 

  1. Start Flashy Sales or Giveaways:

The most significant way to grab the attention of Gen Zers is through flash or hot sales. You can also introduce limited-edition products with time limits to make them more interesting and exciting. Otherwise, you can create challenges for users and promote them through your content. It will help you increase your brand’s exposure. You can also provide giveaways to those who participated in the challenge first. It will encourage more and more users to take part in the challenge.

To Conclude

Gen Z people are all about self-expression and involvement. So to reach them, you have to keep it real and, at the same time, be creative. So make use of the above tips and tricks and promote your brand to Gen Zers effectively. Also, keep your content on TikTok fun, relatable, and authentic. Captivating the Gen Z audience might seem back-breaking, but guess what? It is not. With proper strategies and ideas, it is a piece of cake. 

What other methods do you use to reach Gen Zers on TikTok? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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