5 Signs To See An Orthopedic Doctor

5 Signs To See An Orthopedic Doctor

Our body consists of several complicated and detailed networks, all of them working harmoniously most of the time. The skeleton alone is made up of over 300 bones and joints. But we have to make sure that not even one of these is out of order. 

If there’s an issue with our bone function, it could mean a lot of discomforts, pain, and even the partial loss of physical movement. That’s why it’s important to get to an orthopedic doctor in such cases.

Wondering how to know if it’s the right time to see an ortho?

Here are some signs that should have you making an appointment right away:

1. Everyday Activities Are Difficult

If you’re finding it harder and harder to perform activities that were second nature some time ago, it’s probably time to take a closer look at your bones and joint health. Feeling some discomfort in a specific joint is just natural, especially when we’re getting on in years. However, that discomfort shouldn’t keep you from following your daily routine. 

We’re not talking about strenuous tasks here. However, everyday activities include walking the dog, climbing the stairs, or just sitting down. These are the basic functions we need to live normal lives. If you’re having difficulties performing any of them, it might be time to contact a bone doctor near Lake Oswego or any relevant area. 

2. Persistent Swelling

Orthopedic issues may not all come on gradually. Still, you might be able to pinpoint a problem if and when you sustain an injury. When playing sports, many people sustain injuries. However, the pain and swelling should go after a day at the most. 

If you’re used to playing sports, chances are that you often have bruises, scrapes, cuts, etc. If any of these sports injuries don’t get better after 24 hours, there might be an underlying orthopedic issue. It’s time to visit the orthopedic clinic near you, as such problems could indicate soft tissue damage. This needs swift attention. So, there’s no room for delays. 

3. Chronic Joint Pain

Many of us have woken up feeling stiff and achy all over. This joint pain might be disturbing at first but it should go away after we’ve hydrated ourselves, moved around a bit, etc. If that pain continues for days and even weeks, though, there might be a bigger problem at hand. 

Chronic pain of any kind is usually a signal that there’s an underlying issue. Joint pain is especially worrisome since we have joints all over the body. If the above symptoms seem familiar to you, you should book your appointment right away. 

4. Walking Or Standing Unsteadily

Walking, sitting, standing, getting up – these are all basic functions that define our daily lifestyle. An occasional tumble or slip might be acceptable. But it’s time to take action if you’re feeling continuously wobbly and shaky. 

This shakiness is a sign that the joints aren’t working properly. If it persists beyond a few days, it’s probably best to get to the root of the matter. 


5. Lifting Weights Increases Pain

Several people are living with back and knee pain. It’s even more concerning when the pain gets worse. We all have to lift some weight at several points in the day. This could involve carrying the groceries, picking up a child, lifting a box, or a myriad of other everyday activities. 

If such activities are causing your knee or back pain to worsen, stay alert. It’s especially alarming if the knees are making a sort of clicking sound. In such cases, contact your trusted orthopedic doctor as early as possible. 

The Takeaway

Since an orthopedic doctor specializes in bone and joint health, they’re the ones best equipped to guide us about ailments related to these areas. If the signs discussed above seem all too familiar, don’t hesitate any longer. Pick up the phone or access the website and book an appointment right away.


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