A Snipcart Alternative That Is Easier To Use

Snipcart Alternative


Did you know that, back in the day, people had to do everything manually, even to sell one product or service online? Since those days, online selling has overtaken the stressful job of hand-coding and self-hosting. However, nowadays, many eCommerce websites let you drag and drop images, copy and paste texts and even allow you to animate ads, making setting up shops easier.

E-commerce evolution allows anyone to build an eCommerce store using modern technology.  This guide provides you with a Snipcart alternative, Shoprocket, that is easier to set up. Let’s dive.

Before jumping on the main topic, let’s find out why Snipcart lags.

What is a Snipcart?

Snipcart is a relatively eCommerce solution that lets you add a small piece of code to your existing website and create a shopping platform complete with products, payment gateways, and inventory management. It is mostly used by web designers and developers who provide alternatives to their eCommerce platforms. You need to have some technical knowledge, like HTML and CSS coding, if you opt for Snipcart, but if you have no technical skills, you might want to switch to another platform.   

Snipcart Alternative: Shoprocket

Shoprocket is a fully-featured eCommerce platform that lets you turn your existing website into an online store rather than develop it from scratch.  With only a 2% of transaction fee, easy installation, industry-leading basket abandonment rates, and outstanding customer service, Shoprocket surpasses its competitors. 

 Shoprocket provides intriguing tools for those who want to get up and run their site in a minute. Moreover, it does not require any coding skills. 

Why Choose Shoprocket Over Snipcart? 

Snipcart competes with others in eCommerce API, recurring billing and payments, and shopping cart software categories. It has a market share in the eCommerce Platform category and is preferred in 55 countries.  Whereas, Shoprocket competes with other products in the Project Collaboration, Ecommerce Platform, Shipping, And Fulfillment categories. It has a market share in the eCommerce Platform category, and Shoprocket has 647 customers in 35 countries. It is designed to serve startups and enterprises. Snipcart Alternative

The Bottom Line

It is clear why Shoprocket beats Snipcart. If you are already running a website and want a simple tool for implementing a sleek and stylish online store that is also feature-packed, then the best snipcart alternative,  Shoprocket, is for you.

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