7 Best Apps Like Uber To Earn Extra Income Quickly and Easily in 2021

7 Best Apps Like Uber To Earn Extra Income Quickly and Easily in 2021

We all are using our mobile phones all the time, but why use them for free? Sure, it is our main source of entertainment these days but why don’t we make it the main source of income? Or at least a source for passive income? Fortunately, there are some lucrative apps like Uber that help you earn some extra income easily. You can use these apps on your Android and iOS to earn money, especially Check Out This Site if you are looking for Money Making Apps like Uber to earn extra income easily.

1: Survey Junkie 

You simply complete surveys in the Survey junkie app and they give you rewards for it. The surveys include your personal opinions about entertainment, politics, sports, music, technology, and so on. They will give you 15 minutes or less to complete those questionnaires and you will receive instant give cards on your Paypal account. But you will have to get points first by completing the surveys and upon getting the points, you can immediately exchange them for rewards. By getting one hundred points, you will earn $1 and when you collect 500 points ($5), you can cash out the money through Paypal. Since taking surveys or answering questions is quite easy, many people use Survey Junkie to earn points. It works as a good part-time job among users,


  • You can make money by completing surveys related to marketing and research companies 
  • You can share browsing data to earn money
  • They allow you to submit your data anonymously to protect your identity
  • Redeem the rewards by Paypal gift cards


  • Requires you to take pre-survey identity confirmation
  • Sometimes they ask you repetitive questions to confirm your identity
  • They have criteria for users that you need to meet to complete your survey

2: Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular and helpful apps for freelancers. If you are good at something

—anything such as writing, graphic design, sketching, voice-over, you can join Fiverr to earn money. You can post your gigs to the platform and talk to interested customers on the go. Fiverr is compatible with iOS and Android as well as Windows and Mac. You can access the Fiverr website on your computer and manage your orders, submit orders, talk to customers, and more from the website and mobile app. The money you earn will be deposited to your PayPal account directly but they keep 20% of your order price.


  • You can sell anytime and anything 
  • Gives you extra money
  • So many buyers looking for your gigs
  • Trustworthy and quick 
  • Builds a credible portfolio


  • Hard to make constant money
  • Frustrating deadlines
  • Hard to compete with other sellers

3: Upwork

Upwork is another platform for freelancers to earn money on the go. There are so many freelancing projects clients post on the platform that you can apply to. Once you get selected, you can manage the projects, talk to the clients, and earn limitless money. The best thing about Upwork is, it helps you grow and you can select your expertise among many popular categories and sub-categories. Such as writing has different sub-categories—creative writing, technical writing, ghostwriting, and more. And there are so many other options as well such as admin work, digital marketing, and more that you can do on a freelance basis.


  • Simple to use
  • Many work available in many categories
  • You attract new clients based on your total score, earnings, reviews, etc.
  • Payment protection ensures you guarantee payment


  • You will receive the payment 10 days after your billing period ends
  • You will have to pay a service fee between 5% and 20% depending on your total earnings
  • Hard to compete with other freelancers

4: Swagbucks

Swagbucks does not bring a constant flow of money but it does offer you various ways to earn. You can earn cash by purchasing products, watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, etc. Though Swagbucks is not like other apps or platforms, if you have a smartphone and a little bit of free time, you could easily use that to earn some cash. You earn SBs by completing tasks and then the points will be converted into cash. 100 SB is $1 and you can withdraw that money to your PayPal account as a gift card within 10 business days. If you are motivated enough, you can easily earn an extra $100 per month.


  • Earn points easily
  • You will get a $10 joining bonus after spending $25
  • You can earn 10% SB or Swagbucks by referring the app to your friends
  • Easily cash out your money via Paypal


  • Not easy to earn many points 
  • Takes 10 days to receive money

5: OfferUp

In OfferUp you can sell your old goods and make money stress-free. Here, you can sell your things locally or nationally by uploading the photos of your goods, adding a description, and finally giving them a price. You can set a fixed price for the products or ask the buyers to propose their value. You can talk to the buyers directly through the application about the products and their price rates. Once you get a buyer, you can meet him in person and deliver the product to him.


  • Easy to sell used products
  • Safe transactions as they are made in person
  • Simply upload your images and description of the products to sell them


  • Shipping an item can charge $1.99 of a minimum fee

6: Rakuten

Rakuten was previously known as Ebates that offers you cash back for every purchase you make. You can even earn $20 by inviting your friends and $10 for signing up and making a purchase of $25. It’s a great way to save some money by buying the things you would buy anyway. But you will have to link your payment card to the app before purchasing, otherwise, you won’t get any cashback.


  • Up to 40% cashback on every purchase 
  • Rakuten browser extension offers more perks and features
  • Gives you a $20 bonus for referring your friends


  • You can make the payouts every three months only

7: Postmates

Postmates is the closest app to Uber Eats where you can pick orders from restaurants and deliver them to the customers at your own time. It will be better if you have a bicycle or a car. They pay around $9-$14/hour and you can withdraw the payment weekly.


  • Similar app to Uber
  • The payment is negotiable 
  • You can work on your own time
  • Never runs out of work


  • You can only work if you have a bicycle/ car/ bike
  • Not an online work


These apps offer easy ways to earn money in 2021. But this is not the ultimate list; there are more of them online. Still, these are the best ways to use your free time and earn some cash.

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