Best Prime Day Instant Pot Deals 2022: Sales to Shop Now

Whether you have no idea what an Instant Pot is or you’ve had your eye on one for a while now, the time to buy one is on the horizon. The 4th of July is now behind us, but Amazon’s biggest event of the year is coming up on July 12 and 13, which means some of the best Prime Day deals of the year will be Prime Day Instant Pot deals.

Even though Prime Day is headed our way, some of the best deals we’ve seen on Instant Pots to date are still available. While we are definitely planning to wait until Prime Day to scoop up all of the things on our wish lists, we understand that you may need a brand-new Instant Pot right away. If you can’t hold out for Prime Day Instant Pot Deals or Prime Day air fryer deals, then the discounts we’re seeing leftover from the 4th of July sales may be a great opportunity for you to save big on your new favorite small kitchen appliances. Keep reading to see our picks for the best Instant Pot deals happening right now.

Best Prime Day Instant Pot Deals 2022

  • Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker — $75, was $100
  • Instant Pot Smart Wifi 6 Quart Multi-Use Pressure Cooker — $83, was $150
  • Instant Pot Duo Crisp 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Combo — $115, was $150
  • Instant Pot Pro 10-in-1 Multi-Cooker — $130, was $150

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker — $75, was $100

Why Buy 

  • 7-in-1 functionality
  • 13 customizable Smart Programs
  • Easy to clean
  • Over 10 built-in safety features

If your kitchen’s small appliance lineup is currently missing an Instant Pot, then you are seriously missing out. Ever since Instant Pot hit the scene a few years ago, it has totally changed the way to cook, making pressure cookers a whole lot less dangerous and taking up a ton less counter space than if you purchased all of the appliances combined into the Instant Pot separately. If there’s one small appliance that does it all, it’s this one.

The Instant Pot Duo is a 7-in-1 appliance, meaning that it functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, and food warmer. When we say the possibilities are endless, we really do mean that literally. The Duo features thirteen customizable smart programs for pressure cooking ribs, soups, and beans– the list goes on and on! Set them and you can cook your go-to meals with only the touch of a button.

The Duo cooks your food either fast or slow, merging all of the functionality of your crock pot with the speediness of your pressure cooker. Using the pressure cooker setting allows you to cook your meals up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods! Pressure cookers have been a little bit notorious in the kitchen, as there are a few safety hazards and there have been some accidents over the years, but the Instant Pot Duo comes with over ten different safety features to keep you and your family safe in the kitchen. It also has overheat protection as well as a safe-locking lid.

Best of all, the Instant Pot Duo is as easy to clean as it is to use. Its finger-print resistant, stainless steel sides stay looking their best and the lid, inner pot, and accessories are all dishwasher safe. It is not hard to see why the Instant Pot Duo is a fan favorite.

Instant Pot Smart Wifi 6 Quart Multi-Use Pressure Cooker — $83, was $150

Instant Pot Wmart wi-fi model.

Why Buy 

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for smartphone pairing
  • 6 quart capacity
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts
  • Delay function for preparing meals in advance

Have you ever heard the expression, “Work smarter, not harder?” That’s exactly what Instant Pot’s Smart Wifi Pressure Cooker allows you to do. While it includes all of the features that we already know and love about the Instant Pot Duo, it also utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity to take your Instant Pot experience to the next level. With this device, you can pressure cook or slow cook right from your smartphone! Now, how’s that for kitchen innovation?

The Instant Pot’s Smart Wifi Pressure Cooker enables your smartphone to be paired with it through a mobile app, which allows for remote monitoring of your meals as well as more than one thousand pre-programmed recipes to make grocery shopping and meal prepping easier than ever before. As if that weren’t exciting enough, the Smart Wifi Pressure Cooker also has a programmable delay start function, so you can prep meals in advance for cooking later on.

Just like other Instant Pot models, the Smart Wifi Pressure Cooker does it all. It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, warmer, yogurt maker, rice cooker, and sauté pan all in one, and its 6-quart capacity means that your Smart WiFi Pressure Cooker came prepared to feed the whole family. It has dishwasher-safe, removable parts, so cleaning up could not be easier. The Smart WiFi Pressure Cooker also comes with an automatic keep-warm function, which maintains a low temperature to keep your food warm without overcooking it.

For those who live at the intersection of technology and kitchen appliances, the Instant Pot Smart WiFi 6 Quart Multi-Use Pressure Cooker is the kitchen appliance you’ve been dreaming about. If you’re thinking about picking one of these up, now is definitely the time to take advantage of the best deals of the year.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Combo — $115, was $150

Instant Pot w/ Air Fryer lid

Why Buy 

  • 9-in-1 multi-use appliance
  • Dual Lid design
  • Large capacity
  • Faster heating performance

If you’ve been torn between buying an Instant Pot and an air fryer for lack of counter space, look no further than the Instant Pot Duo Crisp. It sounds too good to be true, but true it is! This Instant Pot model is an Instant Pot and air fryer in one, which means it does all of the work of an Instant Pot as well as the work of an air fryer. There have never before been so many options come dinner time.

The Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, air fryer, roaster, steamer, baker, broiler, warmer, and sauté pan all in one. There is nothing this thing can’t do! It comes with two different lids, both of which fit perfectly but have different purposes. Switch between one for air frying and the other for pressure cooking, each with its own sealing ring to keep your food cooking perfectly.

The Instant Pot Duo Crisp has a capacity of 6 quarts, so it’s made for serving your entire family. Thanks to the 18/8 stainless steel inner pot and tri-ply bottom that allows for faster heating across the pot, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp is up to 70 percent faster and more efficient than other cooking methods. Between all of the cooking methods and customizable options, it is perfect for meal prep, big family events, and pot lucks.

Just like the other Instant Pot models, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp is safe and easy to clean. The pressure cooking lid and inner pot are dishwasher safe, and more than ten different safety features keep you and your family safe while the Duo Crisp is in use. This one little appliance is one of the most powerful and versatile ones that we’ve ever seen.

Instant Pot Pro 10-in-1 Multi-Cooker — $130, was $150

Instant Pot Pro 10-in-1, 6-quart on a white background.

Why Buy 

  • 10-in-1, featuring a sous vide feature
  • Inner pot goes from Instant Pot to stove
  • 8-quart capacity for big families
  • Gentle steam release

The Instant Pot Pro might just be the sophisticated small kitchen appliance on the market to date. It takes the Instant Pot to a whole new level with its 10-in-1 functionality. In addition to all of the modes available on the Instant Pot Duo, the Instant Pot Pro also has a sous vide setting, so it’s plain to see why they call this the Pro model.

The Instant Pot Pro is the only Instant Pot model that has a premium cookware-grade inner pot with stay-cool silicone handles, which means that for the first time, you take the interior pot from your Instant Pot directly to your stovetop! It comes with five programmable settings for your favorite recipes as well as 28 program settings that are perfect for several staple meals.

With its 8-quart capacity, the Instant Pot Pro is perfect for big families or batch cooking for smaller ones. It has 20 percent higher power compared to other electronic pressure cookers, which gives your food a better sear and sauté as well as a shorter pre-heat time. Thanks to the Pro’s Gentle Steam Release feature, the noise and countertop splash are reduced every time you’re done pressure cooking. The Instant Pot Pro is seriously the most advanced Instant Pot your money can buy, so if you can get one of these at a discounted price, it’s not a deal you want to miss.

Prime Day Instant Pot deals FAQ

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day Instant Pot Deals, but you’re still on the fence it may be because you still have some unanswered questions. We’ve put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions with answers so that you can try to make the best decision possible when purchasing your Instant Pot.

Is Prime Day a good time to buy an Instant Pot?

The answer to this one is yes! Buying an Instant Pot on Prime Day might be one of the best decisions you make all year. Prime Day is sure to have the best deals on electronics, small kitchen appliances, and just about everything else that’s been sitting on your Amazon Wish List for way too long. While there are other great deals that take place during the rest of the year, Prime Day is the best of the best. We’re expecting to see some incredible deals this year on all of our favorite Instant Pot models.

When do the Prime Day Instant Pot deals start?

While Prime Day isn’t here quite yet, Prime Day deals have already started rolling out. If you’ve been keeping an eye on Amazon’s site then you may have already seen them popping up left and right. That said, the best deals are usually reserved for the main event. July 12 and July 13 are bound to have the best Prime Day Instant Pot Deals for sure.

Remember, Amazon is also not the only place where you’ll find Prime Day Deals. Other retailers have figured out that they have to offer deals of their own if they have any chance of keeping up with Amazon during its Prime Day event and the days and weeks leading up to it. Some of Amazon’s biggest competitors are places like Walmart and Best Buy, so you can expect to see deals on many of the same products happening through those retailers, just to name a new.

Should you shop the Prime Day Instant Pot deals now or wait until July 12th?

This is a tough one! The answer is really dependent upon how badly you need your brand new Instant Pot. If you can wait, until Prime Day, that’s what we’d ultimately recommend, however, some of the deals that are happening right now are pretty great, too, so if you need to grab an Instant Pot in a pinch, it’s not the worst idea.

The best thing you can do in advance of Prime Day is to take a look at our list of the best Instant Pots as well as the ones we’ve described above. If you’re not certain which Instant Pot is right for you, or which Instant Pots to keep an eye on this Prime Day shopping season, take an extensive look at which Instant Pot you should buy. There are several different models and one size Instant Pot does not fit all, so taking your time to do your research will help you decide which Instant Pot is best suited to your needs. Then and only then can you decide which deal is the best for the Instant Pot of your choice.

All in all, Prime Day Instant Pot Deals are sure to be the best of the year, so if you are able to hold out just a little bit longer and grab one as part of the main event, we have a feeling that you won’t regret it. We’re sure you’ll love your new Instant Pot as much as you love the sweet discount you got on it as part of Amazon Prime Day 2022.

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