How ‘Big Data’ is Improving the Online Casino Experience



The last three decades have seen an unprecedented rate of advancement in all areas of technology. Think about it this way: You’ve only had your smartphone for 15 years, and the technology that underpins it has only realistically been available for around 30 years too!

Advancements in Technology

The computers available in the 1980’s and 1990’s are essentially laughably in comparison to those which you can buy today. Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel, once made a statement that he expected the number of transistors that could fit on a chip. 

It turns out that he was right too – let’s pick a starting point of 1980 – there are 43 years since that date – divided by two, that gives us 21.5 doublings of computing power since our starting date of 1980. That’s a lot of doubting’s in computing power, and he was only talking about the ability of CPU’s!

How Online Casinos are Making Use of these Advancements.

Casinos have worked hard to leverage these advancements in technology to provide an improved and personalised experience for their players. When you are collecting 32red loyalty points, for example, there’s a whole lot more going on than simply rewarding you for playing at the casino. 

Everything you do whilst playing at online casinos creates useful data regarding your likes, dislikes, and what the casino could potentially improve. Casinos are especially interested in mobile technology at the moment – portable devices overtook regular laptops and PC’s some time ago, and it just so happens that this is great news for the casinos.

Casino Communications

In the old days, casinos had limited options for staying in touch with their customers – they could mail out a monthly flyer or send group texts or emails. On the advertising side, options were perhaps less restrictive than they are today.

But the casinos aren’t worried – they have much more advanced methods of communicating with their customers today. Because mobile is now the largest market segment, casinos are investing heavily in leveraging the abilities of those devices which simply aren’t available on regular PC’s and Laptops. 

Take push notifications for example – every player who has a casino app installed on their phone will no doubt be familiar with these! Casinos can let players know that a special bonus is available today, or perhaps even alert them to the fact that they have bonus funds waiting in their account if they fancy a free spin today… and who would say no to that?

The Future

There is no question that the move to mobile and tablet gambling has been hugely beneficial for online casinos, but developing the kind of high-quality mobile applications that leverage all of the potential advantages of the format is certainly not cheap. This situation is unfortunately exacerbated by the fact that first impressions can make all the difference in this industry – releasing a ‘work in progress’ app with lots of non-working pages and areas Is just not going to cut it here!

As it turns out, technology may just have the answer – artificial intelligence is improving at an astounding rate right now; the Microsoft-owned ‘ChatGPT’ is even able to generate computer code in any language, and all you have to do is tell I what you need the resulting software to do, what the inputs and outputs are – the basics of computer programming, essentially. Wouldn’t it be something if one new technology was able to aid in fixing problems created by alternate technology?
One thing is for sure – if technology continues to improve at its present rate, we absolutely have an exciting time ahead!

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