“Brett Ashley Cantwell: The Love and Strength Behind Nick Sirianni’s Coaching Career”

"Brett Ashley Cantwell: The Love and Strength Behind Nick Sirianni's Coaching Career"


Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni has been happily married to Brett Ashley Cantwell since 2013. Let’s delve into the fascinating story of their relationship and learn more about Brett Ashley Cantwell.

Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri

The love story between Nick Sirianni and Brett Ashley Cantwell began in Kansas City, Missouri. It was in this charming city that they first crossed paths while Sirianni was working for the Kansas City Chiefs. Fast forward to February 12, 2023, when the Chiefs and the Eagles faced off in the Super Bowl at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona. Despite the Eagles’ defeat with a score of 38-35, Kansas City holds a special place in their hearts due to the significant events that unfolded there.

Building a Life Together

In June 2013, Nick Sirianni and Brett Ashley Cantwell exchanged vows and embarked on a journey that would take them to various cities, following Sirianni’s NFL career. Through it all, Kansas City remained a cherished location for the couple. They are proud parents to three wonderful children: Jacob and Miles, their sons, and Taylor, their daughter.

In an interview with The Athletic in 2023, Sirianni expressed his sentiments about Kansas City, stating, “Obviously, meeting my wife there, that will always be a special place to us because of that. Then professionally, my first stint in the NFL. Obviously, it was really important both ways Kansas City holds a special significance for me due to meeting my wife there. That particular city, place, and time frame will forever hold a special place in my heart because of that memorable experience.

Unveiling Brett Ashley Cantwell

Let’s take a closer look at Brett Ashley Cantwell, the remarkable woman who captured Nick Sirianni’s heart.

Teacher with a Heart of Gold

Brett Ashley Cantwell hails from Springfield, Missouri, and was working as a dedicated teacher when destiny brought her together with her future husband. Interestingly, the 2023 Super Bowl witnessed a clash between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, the team Sirianni used to work for and also Cantwell’s hometown team.

According to an interview with The Athletic, Cantwell teasingly reminisces about their first meeting, saying, “When you first met me, you used the Chiefs card.” Sirianni playfully responded, “Hey, it worked! Whatever I needed to do to get my wife.”

Serendipity in the Apartment Complex

Cantwell and Sirianni’s paths intertwined within the confines of their Kansas City apartment complex. At the time, Sirianni was diligently serving the Chiefs. “I didn’t remember him, but he remembered me,” Cantwell revealed in a 2019 interview with They encountered each other on multiple occasions, but it wasn’t until Cantwell’s sister convinced her to go out with Sirianni that she started to see him in a different light. After two years of dating, the couple took their relationship to the next level and got engaged.

A Devoted Mother

Together, Nick Sirianni and Brett Ashley Cantwell embrace the joys of parenthood. They have been blessed with three beautiful children: Miles, Jacob, and Taylor. While Cantwell tends to remain out of the spotlight, their children have occasionally accompanied their father to press conferences following Eagles games.

During a press conference after the Eagles’ NFC Championship victory over the San Francisco 49ers on January 29, 2023, Nick Sirianni’s three kids joined him on stage. Amidst the heartwarming moments, their daughter Taylor garnered attention with her adorable antics, mimicking her dad’s expressions and hand gestures. The delightful display went viral on social media, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

Embracing a Life of Relocation

As Sirianni’s career unfolded, Brett Ashley Cantwell wholeheartedly supported her husband and adapted to the nomadic lifestyle of an NFL coach’s wife. They have moved across multiple cities, marking new chapters in their lives.

The couple tied the knot on June 22, 2013, in Missouri, right after Cantwell completed her final school year as a teacher in Kansas City. Their honeymoon took them to the enchanting shores of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. They then ventured to San Diego, California, where Sirianni had been hired by the San Diego Chargers for the 2013 season.

Cantwell expressed her initial hesitation about leaving her beloved job and Missouri, but ultimately, love prevailed. “I loved my job. “I loved Nick more. So, it was all worth it.” The couple welcomed their first child, Jacob, while living in San Diego.

Subsequently, they moved to Orange County, California, when the Chargers relocated to Los Angeles. Another significant move awaited them in 2018 when Sirianni assumed the role of offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts. In January 2021, Sirianni was appointed as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, leading the family to their current home in New Jersey.

Building Bonds with Fellow NFL Wives

Throughout their journey, Brett Ashley Cantwell has found solace and camaraderie among other NFL wives and coaches’ wives who have experienced similar relocations. The shared understanding and connection forged through their collective experiences have made their path a little easier to tread.

“We’re all in the same situation. That’s what makes it easier, I think,” Cantwell reflected in her 2019 interview with “There are so many other coaches’ wives that have kids, and that’s an instant connection right there.”


Brett Ashley Cantwell is not only the loving wife of Nick Sirianni but also an exceptional woman in her own right. From their chance meeting in Kansas City to their journey as a family across various cities, their love story stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment. With her warm heart, dedication to family, and ability to adapt, Cantwell has been an unwavering source of support for Nick Sirianni throughout his career as an esteemed NFL coach.

FAQs About Nick Sirianni Wife

Who is Nick Sirianni’s wife?

Nick Sirianni wife is Brett Ashley Cantwell. They have been married since 2013.

How has relocation affected Nick Sirianni wife and family?

Due to Nick Sirianni’s coaching career, the family has moved to different cities, following his professional journey. They have embraced these changes and adapted to new environments together.

How many children do Nick Sirianni and his wife have?

Nick Sirianni and Brett Ashley Cantwell have three children together. They have two sons named Jacob and Miles, and a daughter named Taylor.

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